Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PoP: A Bee Quilt

I'm joining the very first quilting Bee of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild. We have to post our instructions so that our Hive members can get the low down on what we are looking for.  So Hive members - consider this your low down:

The block I'm requesting is very simple.  It was subconsciously inspired I think by someone making an Aerial Grove quilt on Instagram even though mine will end up pretty different.  I'm calling it the PoP block for now because the circles kind of remind me of bubbles. (I also considered "Islands" but I don't really love islands so that made it seem icky.  But "Islands in the Stream" is now on repeat in my head.)

For One (1) 12.5 in PoP block:
  • 1 - Provided 12.5in square of Cloud 9 Organic Cirrus Solids in Rain
  • 4 - Scraps of AWESOME fabric (roughly 5.5 x 5.5)
    • You may use 4 prints or 3 prints and 1 solid.
    • The fabrics don't have to "go" with each other.
    • Use 4 different fabrics.


  • I folded my background square into quarters and gave it a light pressing as to mark my 4 quadrants. (The fold lines can still be seen in the photo above.)
  • I traced a roughly 5in circle onto my scraps of print fabric and cut them out.
    • Some of them I cut 1/4in outside of the marked like and some I cut just on the line to give me some variation in size.
    • The circles do not have to be perfect, but they can be.  If you want them to be free-form let them be - if you are a precise person then they can be precise! 
  • Use your preferred method of applique to finish the block (except for reverse - no reverse applique!).  If you are using a method where the thread will show, please use white thread.
Don't have a preferred method of applique?  

  • I prefer the Needle-Turn hand sewing method.  This is a great video. (I used this on the block above and it really went pretty quickly.)

  • If you prefer a machine method check out this video.

Yeah, the edges are stringy, oh well.
I can't wait to see your finished products! If you want more info on the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild or other Bee blocks check out the blog HERE or search the hashtag #CMQGBee on Instagram.