Monday, February 2, 2015

5 Sexy Ways to Save the Environment

Yep, that's right. FIVE Sexy Ways to Save the Environment.

A few months back Mark and I loaded up a truck and moved from Key West back to Cincinnati.  It was exciting and sad, happy and bittersweet all at the same time.

Since leaving my job in Key West at the end of October I had been taking it easy here knowing that I would be starting a new job in January.  I had money saved but after Christmas and car buying and my start date being pushed back to January 15th and then the 22nd I was starting to get that scary feeling of "Woah!  It's going to be a while before I get another paycheck." So I sent some Googles into the interweb to see if there were ways to make a few extra bucks from home while I waited to start my job.  I checked out usual job sites like Craigslist and Indeed, and less usual sites like Mr.Money Mustache and the Something Awful forums and it seems that there are a few legit ways to make money from your home computer that don't require you to become a famous blogger or Youtube star.  Turns out you can make a decent score transcribing audio and video files for various companies or you can be a writer.  I'm not the best typist so I figured I'd have to work on my transcribing skills but writing - while certainly not anything I would ever have chosen as a career - I could do.  Maybe not great but hey, I took AP English in high school, wrote some papers in college, wrote a few articles for work and well shoot, I write this darn blog.  As in most things experience is worth a lot so I figure I'll self publish here for a while until my new career really takes off.

The best job posting I found was looking for women to become content writers for a "Woman's Authority" blog called Ladies Life. This excerpt from the listing told me all I needed to know before jumping in...
"The ideal candidate will be familiar with creating excellent headlines, titles, and engaging content. Examples include:
Get Jessica Simpson's Toned Legs in a Month
5 Lies About Vitamins That will Make You Think Twice Before Taking Them
Online Coaches: Will These Women Forge a New Leadership Path?
A Behind the Scenes Look at What it Takes to Film a YouTube Video
A Little Known Technique to Teach Your Kids How to Care for Pets"
Wow! Bet you can't wait to read that article on Jessica Simpson's legs once the site launches!  But in the meantime I'll just be stuck with my excellent titles and engaging content.

5 Sexy Ways to Save the Environment

1. Be Tasty
Using baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair? Staying fresh with cornstarch and coconut oil deodorant? Lathering your freshly washed, still wet body in olive oil to keep your skin soft and dare I say, moist?  Swapping out your chemical laden body care products that endanger water supplies for these eco friendly options gives you the right to brag about being "Totally Edible".

2.Stay Clean With Friends
A reminder of the classic eco tenement Save Water, Shower Together. Find the sexy man or woman in your life or even a fun loving roommate and get clean while getting dirty.  This can help you save on water and soap and forever eliminate the fight over who gets to use the shower first in the morning.

3.Turn Down for What
Turning of the lights for a little kiss and cuddle can reduce stress on the power grid and give your brain a workout.  Yep, did you know that your brain is equipped with neurons that help you keep track of the position of your partner's head in relation to your own even when the lights go out?
So next time you flip the switch make sure you challenge your partner to a game of hide and seek.

4.  Be Free
...of underpants.  Not only are undies often made of chemical and water-hogging cotton covered in chemical dyes but after you wear them they always have to be washed.  So next time you are sliding on your spandex for that hot yoga class think "well I'm going to have to wash these pants anyway so no need to have to wash my panties too" so ditch them (and butt saddening panty lines) and get a new thrill from even the most mundane downward dogs and happy babies.  Oh, and sleep naked, this is a must.

5. Be a Biker Babe
No, I'm not saying to you should strap on leather chaps (or even vegan pleather ones).  I'm saying that as often as you can ditch your car for a bike, you should.  While you are focused on reducing your carbon emissions, lowering your gas bill and learning the ins and outs of riding your favorite routes your butt will be making its own magical journey from OK to AWESOME.  Everyone loves a nice butt.

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  1. Wow. It's like this was ripped right from the pages of Cosmo! You are well on your way to being a writer! I look forward to your next post in just 230 days!