Saturday, June 28, 2014

(Don't) Rush

So last night we were watching and episode of Chuck, a network TV show that aired from 2007-2012 about a regular guy who unknowingly learns all of the governments secrets and is forced to become a spy.  In this particular episode, Chuck has to play and beat an 80's style arcade game because the disarming code for a bomb satellite is hidden in the victory screen.  Through the episode, Chuck learns that the music of Rush, specifically the song Tom Sawyer, is the "music of the universe" and that listening to it will help him find the rhythm to succeed.

But that is just TV.  In a patch of mental clarity after a somewhat existential meditative massage, I realized that in real life "rush" (the verb, NOT the band) is a thing that prevents us from finding success with the rhythm of the universe.

Don't rush life.

Que Sera Sera as a storm approaches over the Cow Key Channel bridge.

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