Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Travel: Home and Handmade

Yep, this is happening.  I'm heading home to Cincinnati!  I'm just so excited and I can't wait to see my family and friends and eat and eat and eat. (Chipotle, Skyline and Larosas)

In preparation for my trip home, I wanted to make my own bag so I could "Travel Handmade", as they say, and seem really cool while I am making my way through the airports and when I arrived home.  I think my wish to look cool will be successful because this duffel (the StudioCherie duffel aka Simplicity 2274) is pretty much one of my most favorite things I've ever made.

First, I busted out three of my most favorite fabrics.

Denyse Schmidt Plaid & Dot in Lilac


Juliana Horner Rosebed in Pomegranate


And pretty much my most favorite fabric ever...

Alexander Henry Zocalo in Tea


 I was also pretty excited about prepping the jute webbing used for the handles - I get excited watching colors bleed when I soak things in the sink.  After its soaking I washed it as well and it came out really soft and not as camel scented as when I started.

After that I just started cutting and sewing and did a bit here and there and it went together pretty easily and painlessly.  I truly had no issues which is pretty awesome. Pretty much the only change I made was to make the zipper tabs little loops so that I could clip on a strap if I felt the need. The result? SO COOL.

Now if only I could smuggle both cats home in this thing...


  1. Woohoo! I'm finally on my computer for a minute! I saw this back when you posted it but my phone wouldn't let me comment! And even though I got to tell you in person what my comment was going to be, I'll go ahead and leave it here too.

    'I totally was going to say you could stuff your cats in that and then I read that you were thinking the same thing!'

    Good to see you and glad you traveled in style! Aint nobody gonna mix up your luggage! Hurry home soon! Whoah. Lots of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dumb. It made me use my google account.

  3. That's a great bag, love your fabrics!

  4. I'm starting to make this same bag. Where did you find the webbing for the straps? I can't find it anywhere!