Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pirates and Boats and Jobs and Christmas and New Year Stuff

Umm, so yeah.  We've been doing all kinds of stuff and I got a job - so sorry about that - I'll try to catch up with my blogging.

Back in early December Johnny hooked us up and we all went on a sunset sail aboard the America 2.0.  It was very nice.  They offer free wine and beer as well as shrimp and cheese and crackers.  They serve you the drinks but if you want food you have to be able to get up and get it yourself - this was a bit difficult since we were navigating pretty choppy seas.  It was probably good as that kept me from eating more than one plate full of shrimp.

Johnny contemplates life under the sails and over Mark's beer.

Mark is proud of his shoes at sea.

Later in December we headed to Ft. Zach Taylor for the pirate invasion weekend.  It was basically a group of people  living, dressing and talking like pirates hanging out inside the fort. (So, picture a whole group of people acting like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and like Helena Bonham Carter in pretty much every movie she's ever been in.)  One dedicated couple didn't even break character when we came upon them making out in a a large recess inside the fort wall.  There was even a mock battle with cannon fire and a pirate ship. (Sorry but apparently iPhones can't really capture the sound of cannon fire.  When you hear the little snapping sounds imagine it as loud booms. It was much more exciting in person).

Chillin' atop the fort wall.

The campground from above.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pics inside the tents.

An opening through which to shoot a cannon.

Mark tries to escape through the cannon hole.

That same day I also wanted to take a "Christmas Photo" to enclose in all of our Christmas cards.  They did not turn out well. 

Using the camera timer from a nearby picnic table.

Oops.  Forgot to set the timer before I pushed the button. You can tell how excited Mark is be doing this.

Ummm, no.

The best one, by a nice passer-by, but still not Christmas card worthy.

This one I took of Mark on the rocks did make it into the card we sent to his grandma.
Speaking of christmas cards... sometime in the making of mine Leeroy had a glitter incident.  Leeroy is one of those cats who likes to lay riiiight on top of whatever you are working on.  Also enjoy my inability to take a picture of his glitter butt while my camera is set to video mode.

The next weekend we joined Johnny and all headed out to the Christmas boat parade.  People put all kinds of lights on their boats and parade around the harbor.  It was neat but VERY slow moving so it drug on a bit long.

Hands down this was our favorite.

In between all this good stuff I was working on a cool pillow present for Jamie.  You can read more about it here.

It was just about this time when I started a new job.  I ride my bike 4 miles each way and then I'm on my feet all day long - so needless to say that I'm exhausted by the time I get home.  This has been the main reason that my blog has been so lacking lately.  I'm finally starting to get used to my new schedule and instead of having my second cup of coffee at 9 AM  I now drink it about 3 or 4 to make sure I'm still going when I get home.  The lengthening daylight hours are helping too!

Some time shortly after I started my job we attended a Christmas party held by Mark's boss. It was very nice and they had delicious Cuban food catered.  I made sure we put the fancy mistletoe to use.

Finally as we past the mid point of December we headed out to World of Beer to meet up with some friends and it turned out there was a photographer taking pictures for a "Faces of Key West" project.  This was the last night of the pictures so I made sure to get in on it.  He has posted pics from earlier nights on his website but not yet from that last night.  Luckily you can get a taste of the photos from these pictures that Mark took while standing behind the photographer.

Annnnnnnnd  then it was Christmas and we just chilled out.  I cooked a low key dinner for Mark and Johnny and we watched Zoolander.  I was awesomely quiet and simple.
I found this saying on the internet, I'll link it when I find it again.
Then it was new year.  I was in bed by 10:30 but was up in time to see the sun rise on new years day.  Sometime on the evening of January 1st, 2014 we finally popped our bottle of champagne.

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  1. Aw. This is going to be a great time capsule post to look back on how you spent the holidays when you are living in Cincinnati next year. I will ignore how tanned and beautiful and happy you look in all your pics. Is that a new instagram filter? Let me know if you need any pics of pale people shivering and cursing the snow. Also. Pixel started barking when I played that holiday boat/xmas music video! Either she liked it or she's a Grinch?