Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter is Coming: I Must Quilt (And Snorkle)

Fantasy Fest has come and gone, everyone's boobs and tiny genital hats are put away, the body paint has been washed away save for a few smudged stains left on hotel sheets and winter is setting in here in Key West (it only went up to 80 yesterday - but don't worry it was just a front coming through).

No worries though, Mark and I are making the most of it.  Last Saturday we went to Bahia Honda State Park which is about an hour east of us.  In 1992 it was voted the best beach in America!

Photos of Bahia Honda State Park and Beach, Big Pine Key
This photo of Bahia Honda State Park and Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

It was really different from our usual beach at Ft. Zach.  Bahia Honda was sandy and crystal clear.  We snorkeled for over an hour straight.

Thanks to our friend Dave who brought his underwater camera.
 We saw our first coral, our first living star fish, a few tiny harmless jellies and lots of horned puffers (There was part of me that really wanted to harass these fish so they would "puff" but I know that while it's cute for me its scary for the fish and I like fish and don't want to be mean to them - so I didn't.)

 We saw lots of conch shells with GIANT hermit-type crabs living inside.

 Little shy crab who hid for the picture.
An even in the relatively shallow waters we came upon a few GIANT permit. 
These were estimated to be nearly 5 ft. long from nose to tail.
We saw a few super adorable reef squid.

Oh no!  I'm not sure why this one has a green eye.
 We even came across a medium size hogfish which are very popular for dinner around here.

While it is very exciting to see all of these things in their natural habitat I think it is kind of scary because I feel so exposed!  There we are just floating belly-side-down unprotected.  I'm sure people that live their whole lives on the coast would think I'm crazy but I'm just a land-lubber from Ohio, what do I know.

Anyway, after such an exciting Saturday afternoon we headed home, cleaned for about an hour and then, since it was Mark's birthday weekend ( he turned 31 on Nov.3) we began celebrating it by spending the rest of the weekend being as lazy as possible. 

Mark was so excited about the hot sauce collection I gave him that this was the best picture I could get.
 This gave me LOTS of time to quilt!

I have been participating in the 2013 Finish-A-Long for the 3 quarters now and I haven't made a ton of finishes, BUT this quarter will be different!  I really was at a loss for finishing my Weekend in the Country Quilt and Night Candy  because I was at a loss for backing fabric.  I just couldn't find what I was looking for.  Then, I don't know if it was because I was listening to the Persian Pickle Club, where they used what ever fabric they had around and re-purposed things or if it was because we now live in a much smaller apartment and I just don't have room for things I'm not using - but inspiration struck.  I have a nice assortment of bedsheets and duvet covers for when I feel like switching things up and I had a Bladvass duvet from IKEA that I just don't really use anymore as I have two others I much prefer.  One of those preferred ones is the  black and white Fjalltag from IKEA, and while it is my current favorite and is on my bed now I never use the decorative pillow covers.  Do you see where this is going?  The  Bladvass duvet was cut apart and will now be used as the backing of Weekend in the Country.

And the two Fjalltag pillow cases were perfect for the Night Candy backing! 

Willie inspects the quilt back.  Also, the coffee table is on the couch to make enough room to lay this out.

Yeah!  I am making progress!  This feels especially good on the Weekend in the Country because I really didn't think I was going to go anywhere with it and I'm soooooo ready to have it complete!

Oh, and did I mention I started a new project?
I joined the Penny Patch QAL (see the button in my sidebar) and started a new quilt.  I'm going in a totally different direction than usual and just making a baby sized quilt from a mix of new and vintage/reclaimed fabrics that are pastel and feminine! 
Just a preview.  Leeroy didn't like the layout.
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  1. Man, snorkeling and crafts! You are living the dream! Mark and I snorkeled once and we liked it so much, we tried to do it again but the bottom of the glass bottom boat we were in cracked and it became a rescue mission instead of a snorkeling trip. Congrats on the quilt progress too! I was so close to resuming work on my scrapghan but I fell asleep instead... :(

  2. SO glad I came back for the extra fish pics. I also enjoyed the hot sauce enthusiasm.

  3. My coffee table often ends up on the couch due to quilting. Isn't that what the couch is for? Snorkeling and Quilting sounds like a great time!

  4. What a grande snorkeling trip! Love the quilt backing ideas.


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