Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fast Boats and Slow Quilts

One of the benefits of living in a destination city is that there is always something going on.   Close down the streets for a concert on Wednesday at 1? Sure!  A parade Monday at 11? Why not?!  The unique makeup of the people here means there really is no difference between the week and the weekends.  First you have a lot of rich folks who are retired and don't really work at all, then you have the working class who support the tourism industry who work at all hours of the day in the various restaurants, bars and hotels and then, of course, said tourists who are here on vacation - this mix really makes the Monday-Friday, 9-5 workday the exception rather than the rule.  All these people with attention to give and money to spend 24/7 attracts a lot of neat events.  This week?  It was the world powerboat racing championships.  Yep, really fast speedboats!  It was nice because as we made our usual Sunday morning trip to Ft. Zack and we passed all the traffic waiting in line on our bikes.
The beach was pretty empty since everyone was over on the rocks watching the races.

The race is about to start!

No worries though, after all this action I made sure to spend plenty of time this week quilting.  I've got my Penny Patch Quilt-A-Long top all laid out.  The quilt-a-long is focused on beginners and so the pace is nice and SLOW.  This gives me time to work on all of my projects!

Penny Patch all laid out.

Oh no!  What happened?
This cuteness happened.
A bit of FMQ on Night Circus.
Something exciting is going to happen with this.  You'll just have to wait and see!
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  1. I like how you describe the demographic of your TEMPORARY (655 more days!) city. And I can't believe Willy would sabotage your efforts - that totally seems like something Leroy would do.

  2. My cat tinkerbell loves to slide through my quilt projects. I had to make a design wall. Loving the penny patch. I enjoy living on the coast as well.

  3. My cat likes to dive under already made tops and hide. if they are in the layout process she just lays on them. granted some pieces cling to her fur.. I love speed anything. boats, cars, trucks. looks fun

  4. Your penny patch quilt looks great - especially with all that cuteness happening!

  5. even without a cat, I get "cuteness" mine are just mini people. =) what a unique palette you picked. it stands out from the rest of the links. there is definitely a vintage vibe going on with your soft color choices.