Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Briney, Happy People

In my last post I showed you some of my favorite blue fabric and told you I was going to make something exciting with it - and I did!  I made a dress! A dress with pictures of little children on it wearing traditional outfits from cultures around the world.  Everyone needs one of those, right?


This is the first piece of clothing I've made in years!  I used Simplicity Pattern 1668A and it was easy.  I ended up making a smaller size than the measurements on the back recommended and ended up shortening it a bit.  When I make another I will probably not shorten it quite as much because this is just a bit risque when bending over.  Even at this length is is a great house and beach dress.  So, on our weekly trip to Ft.  Zach last Sunday I made Mark take a few photos of me modeling my dress.  He was so excited.

I've already worn the dress a bunch and the only change I wish I could make is that I would like the fabric to be softer.  I used regular quilting weight cotton which is a bit heavier than the fabrics recommended by the pattern so I'm not getting a nice soft drape and the skirt edging is pretty stiff. This gives me a reason to experiment with something I came across on the internet long ago - brining. So, as I type this, my dress is sitting on the counter in a plastic bag full of salt water where it will remain for the next 3 days.  

I'll let you know how it comes out!

Have you ever brined anything before? Ever known anyone who has?

Also,  I really enjoy this title since the dress has little people on it and they are being brined and presumably will be happier when they are softer.


  1. Hmm. Couldn't you just swim in it for 3 days? Isn't that all you do down there? Swim and play in beautiful salt water and ride dolphins? Also - this fabric would make a great pair of pants and I know where you could wear a great pair of pants!!!! .....

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