Saturday, October 12, 2013

Settling In

This greeting of mine,
The winds and the birds shall deliver
    To the Queen of the West,
    In her garlands dressed,
On the banks of the Beautiful River.
-Longfellow, excerpt from Catawba Wine

Now things are finally getting settled and the adrenalin rush is wearing off - it's giving me time to sit and relax and reflect. Once the reflection started, it was troublesome. It was then I realized that I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss going to work every day and having lots of interesting people to talk to, I miss our old apartment and I miss the Cincinnati air which was full of that "almost fall" excitement when we left.

We had to come here.  The opportunity to grow yourself can't be turned down.  I needed one last adventure and Mark says he has never felt so much like himself as he does here - that's exactly why we came - we get to grow ourselves and grow together.  Before we left Cincinnati I thought I wouldn't have all that much growing to do - I've left home before, I know what it is like to live in different places.  But now I realize this time there is something different about it for me - different from when I moved to Kent, different from when I moved to California, different from when I moved to Texas and different from when I spent a few months in Korea - all of those moves had end dates.  As in, I can move here and experience it but at some predetermined time in the future I know I will be leaving here.  This trip is open ended - we could leave tomorrow or we could stay forever. This brings on all kinds of new implications I've not dealt with before.  We should vote here. In all the places I've lived I've never changed my permanent residence because Cincinnati was always still home, we would always be coming back and therefore had stake in its future.  We should learn the history of this place.  Cincinnati has amazing history and I was always proud to share it with visitors because it was MY history of MY city.  Now I can share new history of a new city - MY NEW city.  That seems crazy even to type - MY CITY - Key West is MY CITY.  Weird.

I <3 Cincinnati. FOREVER.

NOTE:  Yeah, I love Ohio because that is where you'll find Cincinnati.  In fact, I received this mug as  gift after leading a group of conference goers from out of town on a get-to-know-Cincinnati-morning-fitness-and-history walk.  I led about 15 people on a vigorous walk through downtown Cincinnati at 7AM while spinning tales of local history.  I took  a Cincinnati History class my senior year of high school and have been hooked ever since.  Sometimes I get teary eyed driving from east to west along Columbia Parkway at night when everything is lit up and driving north from KY on I-75 takes my breath away every time.


  1. This isn't your last adventure! When you are as free spirited as you, my friend, everyday is an adventure! Miss you.

  2. Oh yeah, and I'm so glad you are finding time to blog! Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!