Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homesick Ohio

A few weeks back I posted about how I was feeling a little homesick after moving away from home to begin an adventure in Key West, Florida.  The same day I wrote that post I also worked up a little craft project to make myself feel better.  There is no better time to share it with you than now as I am entering the Blogger's Quilt Festival, hosted by Amy's Creative Side, in the Wall Hanging category.  Excitingly enough I also recently entered this happy little quilt in the Quilt Your Happiness Challenge hosted by my friends at  Craftster.  You can go HERE to vote for me if you'd like.

For the Quilt Your Happiness Challange I wrote a post that I'd like to share with you here:

Quilting My Happiness: Homesick Ohio
I love quilting.  I love everything about it. I love that I can spend all day looking at beautiful fabric, never actually make anything, and still be satisfied.  I love that I can get in the "zone" and be in a world where it's just me and my quilt (and usually a good audio book).  I love that I can spend hours, weeks and even months or years on a giant quilt but on a particularly homesick Monday, in just a few hours, I can quilt up a little happiness to brighten my day.

So I just moved here:

I know, I know and I'm homesick!? Already?!

Well Ohio, specifically Cincinnati is my home and I love it. It has my family and my friends.  Oh, and it has fall (not that I'm complaining about the beautiful weather here).  This past Monday morning I was feeling particularly homesick so I put on an audio book and  whipped up a mini-quilt to lighten my load.

Ohio has such a fun shape and I just love looking at maps of it divided up into its 88 counties so I just googled up a map and printed it out.  I was lucky and the printed map was pretty much exactly the size I wanted.

From there I made my quilt "sandwich" and pinned all the layers together with the map placed where I wanted it on top.  Then I did a bit of free-motion quilting and just traced all the lines - this was very relaxing.
Elna (eXcellence 740) really seemed to enjoy this.

Once every thing was traced I used my seam ripper to remove the perforated bits of paper.

Then I trimmed, turned under and finished the edges of my blue "ohio" fabric, added a few concentric circles in the background and bound it!  Oh, and I added a little red heart right where I left mine behind.

I <3 Cincinnati.

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  1. Great idea to trace the map, I'd never have thought of that, but it solves a challenge that's been exercising my mind for a while, thank you!

  2. Love that you quilted the county lines! This is such a great idea that I feel sure I'll steal in the future :)

  3. Love it! Only 672 days til you come back! Miss you. Love you.

  4. Very cool - love how you quilted the counties! Such a great idea.

  5. So clever to sew over the map. Hope it helps the homesickness.

  6. I love it. Ohio misses you, Cincinnati misses you and of course I miss you. Enjoy the sun and beach, but hurry back. :)

  7. A great quilt! I love the quilted detail of the counties, totally something I could see myself doing!

  8. Ohio the <3 of it all!! Ohio's greatest export is its people :) I should know I'm a former Ohioian from Wood County, specifically Bowling Green.
    This is a wonderful quilt!! Time will fly and you'll be back home before you know it.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  9. Oh how cute! What an awesome idea. I really love the counties! I'm a New Yorker living in Ohio (Dayton!), so I sympathize with missing your home state!