Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cats on Quilts

The internet is a wonderful place.  A place where crafters can take pictures of their cats lounging adorably on their handmade quilts and then enter contests and win prizes for them.  That is what I'm doing, I'm entering the Pets on Quilts contest at Lily Pad Quilting.

So here it is, my official contest entry:

Don't you just love how the green in the maple leaf quilt matches the green in his eye?  Willie is such a handsome man.

This was the runner up favorite photo:
Leeroy zones out.
And because I love you all, here are some bonus Cat on Quilt pictures.
Leeroy caresses the quilt with his tail.
Willie goes upside down!
Willie gets an attitude.
Thanks for looking - I hope you have a great day!