Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(Work In Progress) Wednesday

Just an update for WiP Wednesday!  

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
While I *may* have started a new hand sewing project I have been working on my colorful, Modern Medallion/New York Beauty quilt and I'm just loving it!

This one has a little Willie in it!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Full Signal

Here it is folks, the smallest, fastest and I think coolest quilt I've ever made.  I call it...
Full Signal

 A quilt with a WiFi symbol on it.

You may remember these two gentlemen from my earlier vacation post about Key West.   
These nice guys, Johnny and WiFi, let us stay with them the whole time and for that I thought they deserved a little thank you gift.   So I made WiFi his very own snuggle blanket! 


A close up photo of hand needle-turn applique on a WiFi Quilt
I hand appliqued all the signal bars and I loved every second of it.  It started me on a hand sewing kick. Oh, and the background fabric is solid Kona white - I'm not sure why it looks kinda marbled in the photos.

 It even looked cute from the back!

 Here is the little dude all snuggled up and enjoying his treat!  I love to see quilts being used.

 Also linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Friday and Molli Sparkles for ...
Full Signal
Machine Quilted - Elna Excellence 740
Warm and White Batting

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keepin' On Keepin' On

Just last week I posted about my last quilt finish for the Q2 Finish-A-Long at She Can Quilt and while I was able to come up with two finishes last quarter, to be honest, I need more.  All of my craft room shelf space is taken up by piles of unfinished projects and I want that space.
I also want more finished quilts.

SO - here is my current list of Works In Progress that I am going to focus on for the third quarter of the Finish-A-Long:
she can quilt
1. A Weekend in the Country
I can't seem to find a good backing fabric.  I have some leftovers from the front but all together I don't think it will be enough to make a backing large enough.  Also, because of the HUGE size I will even have to piece the batting together which scares me - but I can do it!

2. A's Quilt
I have everything I need to finish this little guy.  I should just get to it!

3. Irish Breakfast
I need to piece these blocks together and then I'm thinking I'd like to do some kind of applique border, I just don't know what yet.

4. Milk
So this little bottle isn't even a whole block.  It takes five to make one block - and I want the whole quilt to be made of  these blocks.  I have a few more milk bottles partially sewn in the stack here but I still have a long way to travel on this project.

5. Yet to be Named Dark/Warm/Saturated/Jewel Toned New York Beauty Medallion Quilt
This quilt just started on a whim when I wanted to learn foundation paper piecing  and now it is just moving along.

Now this list is out in the Universe and I have to at least try to make good on it.  Time for me to get to work!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Leftovers for the Lunchbox

Finishing projects is awesome.  
she can quilt

I finished another project from my 2013 Finish-A-Long for a grand total of 2 finishes for the second quarter of the challenge.  Not bad - but not  great considering my list was 10 items long.  You saw my first finish, Leaf Peepers, here - and now it's time for another!


I was calling this quilt Leftovers because, well, it's made from leftover blocks from other quilts I've made, Leaf Peepers which was my first quilt, a Puss in the Corner I made for an ex-boyfriend in navy and gray and even an Ohio Star I made for a nice Korean woman who cooked me dinner.  But every time I'd go to talk about my Leftovers, I end up calling it Lunchbox.  It does sort of remind me of a school lunch tray - maybe that's where it comes from - but that's as close as it gets.
Pic borrowed from here.
 So for now it'll go by both names.

This baby sized quilt started as a thrown together project because I wanted to practice my free motion quilting but it turned into something I really ended up loving.   I used a different quilting technique on each block.  Some just use the blanket stitch programed into elna, some use different free motion quilting patterns and some just used really basic straight lines. To make it extra snugly I used diaper cloth for the back which is super soft - but in the end I don't love it on the back because you can't see the quilting very well so I don't know if I'll use it again  - but overall, This is a bright and fun little quilt.

This is a quilting pattern I learned from Leah Day.

It's a perfect snuggle blanket for me and my handsome kitties.

And sometimes you get extra lucky and find a handsome baby wrapped up in your quilt.

Andrew is a snuggle monster.
I'm going to have babies visit more often.

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