Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Key West and All the Free WiFi I Needed

So last week on a last minute whim (as in, Tuesday at work "I may or may not be here for the rest of the week") we loaded up the Onyx Kracken* and headed south - way south - southernmost - to Key West to visit Mark's old friend Johnny. We thought a friendly visit was a great opportunity as Key West was at the top of my domestic travel destination wish list and Johnny was going to let us stay at his place for free. We drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove** and when we reached the end of the mainland in Florida we got excited because we figured we must be close - but the nice lady at Google maps informed us that we still had over 100 miles to go. So again we drove and drove and drove, but this time over many islands and some ocean until we reached the literal end of the road in Key West.
We finally reached our destination and explored a bit. By "explored" a bit I mean Mark poked a crab to see if it was alive and I took pictures of all the trash*** that was washed up on the rocks.  Then we sat and had lunch on a pier and watched a storm, part of tropical storm Andrea, roll towards us.

Then headed to Johnny's house were we got a much needed dose of WiFi. You see what I did there?   WiFi is the dog. Isn't he cute? He was rescued a few months back and is now supremely spoiled.

Then over the next few days we did lots of fun Key West and island-y things such as...

Went on a sunset cruise.
And saw a sunset.

Ate crazy big Cuban Coffee Ice Cream Sundaes.

While Johnny and WiFi watched after finishing their one little scoop.

Watched freely roaming chickens.  They later crossed the road.  I didn't stop to question any of them.
Pretended we were going to buy one of our favorite houses on the island.

It even had a large Iguana on the roof.

We posed for blurry pics in front of the large tree outside the library.
We went to Fort Zach Beach and climbed the rocks all the way to the end.  It was amazing.

We checked out the Polish market in case any of our polish heritage friends have a reason to come visit.

We checked out tourist "trains" that were actually Jeeps. 1983 CJ's to be exact.
We climbed the tower atop the shipwreck museum.
We posed in front of fun tourist-y things.
We visited the Southernmost point in the US.
While kind of drunk.  Johnny really loves Key West.
We walked to Mile Marker 0.  The literal end of the road.
We visited Skate Parks even though we had no skates.  Mark was jazzed none the less.
We went to the grocery store to see what was popular.  We found it.  We didn't drink any though.
All in all it was a great trip.  I think we may make it back some day!

*The Onyx Kracken was chosen due to its superior gas mileage over the Green Unicorn. ** This was only made bearable due to the fact that I had half of a cheesecake that I snacked on every hour or so, lots of beef jerky and the fact that Mark actually did all of the driving since the Kracken requires a hands on (manual) approach. Mark deserves totally huge props for this. Everyone give him a hand!!!!!!! *** Just days before Mark and I saw a screening of the Documentary "Bag It" that talks about how plastic (bags and otherwise) are destroying our planet, especially sea life.  So this was particularly disheartening.


  1. First off. FINALLY. I know vacation posts are long to assemble so I forgive you. Second - when I first read "Fort Zach Beach" my mind saw "Fort Zach Braff" and I was like - why does he have his own fort?? Third - while appreciative for sure, I'm really surprised to see a Polish market there. After a day at the beach or walking an island, I've never once heard someone say, "Wow. I could really go for a nice hot perogi!"

    1. Just read this again and it made me laugh again. Thanks!

  2. Wow. Sounds like you found some fun things to do but I can't imagine ever living there!