Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Cat Burglar Story

This is a post by Mark.
 (MY Mark, not to be confused with the Mark who sometimes posts over at the Really Really Blog with Jamie.)
I have been recently putting Widje's food up on the couch next to me so that I can keep an eye on it. This is because Leeroy is a food-dominate-super-bully and will push Widje out of the way and eat his. Widje is such a cool cat that he is nice enough to watch Leeroy eat all of his food.

Leeroy attempts to look cute in order to gain access to Willie's food. This also got him passed the gate.

Leeroy hones in on his target, after bribing the guards with his cat-ness.

Leeroy slowly drags his dish toward his person, not tripping any alarms but failing to note the security camera caught the act.

 Leeroy must be caught stealing in order to be incarcerated in the jail-closet as a cat-burglar.

The jailer allowed one bite for services rendered, and moved the assailant to the other side of the couch: using the dreaded sleep-rub to subdue the perp.

Upon closer inspection, the legendary cat-burglar was faking sleep.

He was later caught collaborating in some form of Futuristic Mind-Meld, in which cats transfer knowledge.
Note from Ellen #1:  This made me realize that Mark and I do not agree on how we spell Leroy (or Leeroy as Mark says)
Note from Ellen #2:  Look at that nice quilt that the cats are lounging on.


  1. These cats look familiar. I wonder where I know them from? I love the quilty product placement!

  2. I saw that quilt at a show. And when it was displayed in all it's glory, there was a round of applause.

  3. Those cats are adorable. I love how they cuddle. :)