Sunday, April 14, 2013


First things first.  A picture of my Willie!    No, not THAT, One Eyed William. He's just so cute and he doesn't get as much blog time as ole'Leroy so here is a gratuitous Willie shot.

Ok, now we can get on with it.

So I haven't posted in a while.  I was already to post last Sunday when Jamie (my other self/talent agent) called and set me off on an adventure as "extra talent" in a superexciting video.

So now that the swelling in my head has gone down from my fifteen minutes of fame I'm going to jump in for the second quarter Finish-A-Long hosted over at She Can Quilt.

she can quilt

Since I started quilting almost 10 years ago (no one needs to know about the 6 or so year break when all my supplies were packed up and inaccessible) I constantly have new ideas and have loads of inspiration in my head -   but all that stuff takes time to get out.  SO - since elna arrived about two months ago I've been trying to get some of those ideas out and finish some of the old projects that were packed away for o'so long.

However, the outpouring of ideas has left me with a lot of unfinished projects.  So before I start anything new I have lots of things to finish!

1. A Weekend in the Country  - Started 6-7 years ago, top recently finished - still needs a backing and to be quilted
2. Maple Leaf (yet to be named) - Super Special!  This is the very first quilt top I ever made.  FIRST!   So this poor top has been a UFO (UnFinished Object) for about 9 years.  9 YEARS!  Fun Fact: For my public speaking class in college I had to give a speech on how something is made - so I chose how quilts are made and this quilt top was used as a prop for the speech.

3. A's Quilt  - I started this quilt when my sister was just a few months pregnant with my first niece aaaaaaaannnnnnnd  now she is going to be 6 next month!  Where does the time go?  I haven't decided if I'm going to finish it as is or make it bigger because, well, a crib size quilt isn't really big enough for a 6 year old.  If I make it bigger at least I will be able to ask her opinion of what she wants - maybe she can even help me sew it.
4. Irish Breakfast
5. Leftovers - This is a quilt made of orphan blocks from other quilts I've made.  I put this little guy together and used him to practice my free motion quilting skills.
6. Milk - So this one is barely started, but it's been in my mind as long as the maple leaf quilt.  I found a quilt book at JoAnns called Farmland Wall Quilts and one of the sampler quilts had one block of these adorable little milk bottles - and so i decided I wanted a whole quilt made of them!
7. reusable shopping bags - Not a quilt but long ago I cut a whole bunch of fabric to make reusable shopping bags using this tutorial, since Earth Day is coming up soon I thought maybe I should finish them.  Fun Fact: For the second quarter of the college public speaking class mentioned above I gave a speech about how Earth Day was my favorite holiday.  The three reasons I gave for this (or at least as much as I remember) were:  It transcends race, religion, ethnicity and just about everything else because, hey, we all live on Earth (this does not however support alien equality - but I'd certainly let them join the party), it doesn't involve gifts - trying to find the perfect gift for someone when you don't know what to get them/don't have money takes some of the fun out of other holidays, and it doesn't cause a lot of wastefulness - there is not a huge pile of trash from all of the leftover wrapping paper and packaging from all of the gifts you didn't buy, you didn't run up your electric bill by lighting up the whole outside of your house and there weren't endless parties filled with endless food that was really all just too much.
8. Drunkards Path  (yet to be named) - Again - I started this lets say 5 years ago and didn't get very far.  I have some fabric cut but I haven't even sewn a single block!
9. Indian Summer (super giant crocheted blanket)  I started this over 3 years ago, back around the time that Jamie got married, so now that she has finished her wedding album I should finish this giant blanket.
10. Cat Butt inspired Wall Art 

Even though the finish-a-long challange gives us three months to finish - I know I won't complete them all - so I'm aiming for at least 3 finishes!  

And I just need to end with cat pictures too because Leroy want's to tell you how happy he is that spring is here!


  1. Um. Leroy looks pissed. I was actually just going to post something along the lines of "Elna will forgive you if you take a break and post a blog already!" so your timing with this post is excellent. I thought maybe you were too busy with all the talent agencies scouting you now! Remember I discovered you first! Also - dude, I have a ton of unfinished craft things too that I should work on but uh, I just started another project on Friday. Oops? But I also finished a blanket on Friday! But um then I tore apart my bathroom and started painting... Sigh. And it's spring... so I have to plant stuff... why aren't we trophy wives again?

  2. I also have several projects that need finishing. I have a giant wool crocheted blanket that is close to being finished, but every time I go to work on it, it makes me hot just looking at it. Maybe I can work on it this weekend since it's supposed to be cooler. Andrew's afghan, which I recently just started. My tp art could use some love. I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting. Not to mention the yard work that needs to get done and the basement of my house that desperately needs to be cleaned out.
    I read Jamie's comment too fast and thought she said "pinning" not "painting". I got really excited there for a second...