Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unicorn Bakes

I was just enjoying my day off until Unicorn decided he wanted some cheesecake.  Don't worry - Unicorn did most of the work himself.

Don't startle Unicorn while cooking!
Man in Unicorn Mask bakes cheesecake using mixer

Unicorn mixes.  Don't believe it? WATCH!

Mmmmmm.  Look at the yummy cheesecake Unicorn made!  He looks so proud!

man in unicorn mask proudly displays cheesecake he baked


  1. Um. I thought there was going to be a "food post" disclaimer. Though I will say a food post about cheesecake and a unicorn baker is fairly mild.

  2. The unicorn made me laugh the first time I read this post. Now he creeps me out. :) I'm sure he makes great cheesecake though. Yummmm.