Monday, March 18, 2013

Red One: The Winning Block

And the winning Red One Ohio Star block that will be made to donate to charity at the upcoming International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati is...

The winning Ohio Star Quilt Block


Thanks to all who voted!  The final tally was two votes for number two and one (official) vote for number one (one person, who will remain nameless, voted twice so I discounted their second vote). 

Numbers one and three were my favorites because I loved how the shape read as more of a "ninja star" than an Ohio Star due to the placement of fabrics.  What was strange was that one of the other voters noticed it as well except that  instead of thinking it was neat, they thought it seemed violent.  The last thing we want is a violent quilt  block on a charity quilt!  So # 2 it will be!


  1. I hardly think it is strange for two people who are the same to see a ninja star in a quilt block.

    1. But what does it mean when two people who are the same person see a weapon (a ninja star, in this case) and one says it seems violent and the other says "awesome"?