Monday, March 11, 2013

Red One: An Ohio Star Patchwork Quilt Block

After Friday's big finish I'm already on to new projects.  The first one I'm taking on is a single Ohio Star quilt block. This block is for when I go to the International Quilt Festival that is coming to Cincinnati in April.  They are collecting 9.5 inch Ohio Star quilt blocks in red&white.  I don't want to make just a super basic Ohio Star so I got out a sketch book and drew my grid.

And then used colored pencils to create a few options.  Now I can't decide which one I want to make. This is where I need your help!  Please leave a comment below or answer the poll on my Facebook page letting me know which one you think I should make.




 I already have the fabric picked out and I can't wait to start!


  1. Hmm. Tough one! My vote is for #1 or #2.

  2. Number two. Although I do like number one also. You can't go wrong!