Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's in the Bag.

Elna (aka Elna eXcellence 740) and I were up late on Friday night sewing up a special gift for a special friend.   You see, after arriving home from work and spending about 45 minutes wiggling and dancing around the apartment shrieking "It's Friday!"  I settled in to read some blogs and came across Noodlehead's tutorial for her Open Wide Zippered Pouch.   "I can do that!" I thought, and so I did.  I followed her tut for the large size bag step by step (Ohh baby) and it was really easy - like, surprisingly easy.  So here she is...

I even got to use one of the personalized labels my sis/niece got me for  Christmas!

And the best part was that unintentionally, the colors I chose for the bag matched the other and perhaps most important part of the gift.

Curry powder. Yes, curry powder.  Delicious.  It's my fave to use with my modified version of THIS chicken curry recipe.  You can find it a MOST Kroger locations in the international aisle. Thanks again Noodlehead for the tutorial!

On another note - Mark is here next to me and asked that I post the super adorable video of William that he made this morning.  Cats can fetch!



  1. First off, that bag is amazing. I LOVE it! And I love the little designer tag and initialed details. Thank you thank you!
    Second. I have very reasonable doubt that that spice can be found at MOST Krogers. I think you acquired it magically.
    Third. I'm happy to see Willy getting some blog love!

  2. That video was shot over the course of about 5 minutes, and 'edited' in about 10, haha. Sorry for the lack of quality, but it's really about the content!

  3. wow! you have your own editor! This blog is really taking off!

  4. I love the bag! I have such talented friends! I think I need to spend more time with you and Jamie, I need some of that talent rubbing off on me!