Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making Breakfast

Now that A Weekend in the Country and Red One are completed/on hold I've started something new! A week or so back I was at an all day work meeting and I was inspired by my crumpled up St. Patty's Day napkin (since the meeting was just two days after official St. Patrick's Day the meeting organizers decorated very festively) and my leftover Cutie peel on the conference room table.

Here you can see I captured the moment on Instagram.

That very same day, DEFINITELY NOT while trolling Instagram during that very same all day meeting, I came across the x and plus block and the #xplusalong where a bunch of quilters were all making and sharing photos of their take on the x and plus block.  So using the inspiration from that day and a block tutorial from Badskirt I started another quilt.  Due to its inspiration I'm calling it Irish Breakfast.

Here are the first few blocks.

Annnnd here are the rest of the blocks just waiting to be assembled!

I have a few other projects that I'm working on as well and you'll hear about those soon!

Something About Mark:  Mark just looked over at my computer and this is what was said:
"Are you making a blog?"
"Is it about me?"
"Why not?" (in a whiny voice)
"Hold on, I can add something about you."
(mumbles about how it should say how sexy and awesome he is) <---This is true.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's in the Bag.

Elna (aka Elna eXcellence 740) and I were up late on Friday night sewing up a special gift for a special friend.   You see, after arriving home from work and spending about 45 minutes wiggling and dancing around the apartment shrieking "It's Friday!"  I settled in to read some blogs and came across Noodlehead's tutorial for her Open Wide Zippered Pouch.   "I can do that!" I thought, and so I did.  I followed her tut for the large size bag step by step (Ohh baby) and it was really easy - like, surprisingly easy.  So here she is...

I even got to use one of the personalized labels my sis/niece got me for  Christmas!

And the best part was that unintentionally, the colors I chose for the bag matched the other and perhaps most important part of the gift.

Curry powder. Yes, curry powder.  Delicious.  It's my fave to use with my modified version of THIS chicken curry recipe.  You can find it a MOST Kroger locations in the international aisle. Thanks again Noodlehead for the tutorial!

On another note - Mark is here next to me and asked that I post the super adorable video of William that he made this morning.  Cats can fetch!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Red One: A Completed Ohio Star Quilt Block

Thanks so much to all of you who voted for the Ohio Star block design.  I had a great time sewing this up.  It was such a different experience from A Weekend in the Country because this whole project was completed after the creation of one 9.5 x 9.5 inch block. Because it was so small I really took my time making sure things lined up and even experimented with pressing my seams open!  OPEN!  I know - it is really exciting, I think I'm an open seem convert but that is a subject for another post.  Anyway, back to Red One, here she is in all of her completed glory!

Ohhhh, a closeup!

It's even pretty from the back thanks to those open seams!

For reference, here again is the design while it was still in the sketch phase.

I hope you like it and feel free to come visit it (and me) when I drop it off to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Red One: The Winning Block

And the winning Red One Ohio Star block that will be made to donate to charity at the upcoming International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati is...

The winning Ohio Star Quilt Block


Thanks to all who voted!  The final tally was two votes for number two and one (official) vote for number one (one person, who will remain nameless, voted twice so I discounted their second vote). 

Numbers one and three were my favorites because I loved how the shape read as more of a "ninja star" than an Ohio Star due to the placement of fabrics.  What was strange was that one of the other voters noticed it as well except that  instead of thinking it was neat, they thought it seemed violent.  The last thing we want is a violent quilt  block on a charity quilt!  So # 2 it will be!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Red One: An Ohio Star Patchwork Quilt Block

After Friday's big finish I'm already on to new projects.  The first one I'm taking on is a single Ohio Star quilt block. This block is for when I go to the International Quilt Festival that is coming to Cincinnati in April.  They are collecting 9.5 inch Ohio Star quilt blocks in red&white.  I don't want to make just a super basic Ohio Star so I got out a sketch book and drew my grid.

And then used colored pencils to create a few options.  Now I can't decide which one I want to make. This is where I need your help!  Please leave a comment below or answer the poll on my Facebook page letting me know which one you think I should make.




 I already have the fabric picked out and I can't wait to start!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Elna, Jacob and the Ladder

It is finished!  

Years (maybe 6 or 7) ago I started this Jacob's Ladder quilt top and this week I finally finished it.  It was my first order of business now that elna is here.  I made quick work of the interior of the top because those blocks had already been assembled and were then sewn into larger blocks made of 4 of the 12x12 blocks.  Once I had those all assembled the quilt was already quite large and I was tempted to just leave it at that but then I showed Mark the picture in the pattern book and asked if he thought I should add the border or not and he said yes.  So I took on the challenge, pulled out the fabrics that I had used (except for the dark green - the last bits of that turned into Raphel's arms and legs) and went to cutting.  A while back I had a 60% off coupon at JoAnn and I bought a set of triangle rulers that just so randomly happened to be exactly what I needed for this project.  Serendipity!  The finished top measures almost 9x11 and contains over 1660 pieces! 

I've also learned that I should name my quilts and I'm calling this one  A Weekend in the Country because I feel like the center of the quilt  has a very small town feel but while I enjoy visiting small towns  - that's actually it - I enjoy VISITING them.   The cool grey in the border felt very urban to me, which is good - you can visit the county in the middle of the quilt but you'll always make it back to the city before you leave it.  

You might remember my cat Leroy from here or more recently here and you can rest assured that he was a huge help during this whole process (That is a total lie.  He was not helpful at all.)

Leroy loves to lay on top of things I'm working on.
Leroy tried to attack my scissors and a girl can only yell so many times "If I cut your paws off I'm not paying to have them fixed!" But at least he was willing to hold my pieces for me.
Leroy loved to lay on my "quilt log" as I was trying to sew.  Here he is in action!

Here he is laying on the quilt top - he would do this every time I needed to roll it up.  But seriously...

isn't he cute!

In case you are wondering, Willy was a perfect gentleman during the whole thing and didn't get yelled at once!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unicorn Bakes

I was just enjoying my day off until Unicorn decided he wanted some cheesecake.  Don't worry - Unicorn did most of the work himself.

Don't startle Unicorn while cooking!
Man in Unicorn Mask bakes cheesecake using mixer

Unicorn mixes.  Don't believe it? WATCH!

Mmmmmm.  Look at the yummy cheesecake Unicorn made!  He looks so proud!

man in unicorn mask proudly displays cheesecake he baked

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sometimes I Feel Like Ryan Gosling

I'm really glad elna is here.  Every night when I sit down to turn her on (yeah, its like that) I feel like I'm becoming a Ryan Gosling meme.

"Hey Girl..."

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