Friday, February 15, 2013

The Great White Space

We’ve lived in our apartment for about a year now and pretty much since then I’ve just ignored the big open space behind the couch. 

IKEA Karlstad sofa with blank wall behind it

 It’s just so big and open that whatever ends up on the wall will be a really obvious part of the room and until I had a solid direction as to where Mark and I’s combined design aesthetic would take us I didn’t want to commit.  Then at IKEA a few weeks back we saw the PREMIÄR ...

PREMIÄR Ikea wall map art

Now Mark and I love maps as much as the next guy (and then rest of the internet too!).  Maps make pretty nice art because they never really get dated and are pretty generic and non offensive.  It was big and cheap which gave it bonus points but the colors just didn’t meet my needs.  I mean the colors actually match exactly the colors we have in the room already but that was it - it added nothing more.  No “umph” and honestly, I like “umph”.  But the IKEA trip wasn’t a total loss, I was inspired by all of the fabric panels they use to adorn the walls.  

IKEA fabric didn’t meet my needs so I searched my local fabric stores and came up with this at JoAnn’s.  

 It is KAS Oslo Bluebird and at 60% plus an additional 15% off it was a pretty good deal for about  1 1/3 yards.  So I headed home and stretched it over a 32x50 frame made of stretcher bars from Plaza Artist Materials, my local art supply store (Hobby Lobby and Michael’s will usually carry these as well but they usually only go up to about 40 inches in size.  And sometimes – size does matter.

I love the fabric and I was so excited as I was stapling it to the stretchers, but then I put it on the wall and well, it was OK.

Again, I love the fabric and its cute little birds but in the space it just feels kinda dead and heavy.  Boo.  But I figured I would live with it and maybe it would grow on me but after a week or two it’s just not working for me. Similar to the map I think I just need more color.  

No worries though, I do have another plan in mind and while I’m not ready to reveal it.  I’ll just let you know that it is inspired by this.

Yes, that.  My new living room art is actually inspired by one of the worst most offensive tattoos out there.  Bet ya can’t wait to see it now!
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