Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Romance is in the Window

I know what you are thinking; this post is about the impending holiday known as Valentine’s Day.  I mean yeah, it’s February and this post is going to have some crafty heart decorations but it’s really just about romance which is nice since its cold (or at least cold-ish) outside and cute decorations because even single people can love cute decorations. I just don’t like Valentine’s Day where people are forced to buy overpriced flowers and candy and diamonds and such just because a certain day of the year rolls around.  It’s silliness.

Anyway, last Sunday I was totally sidelined with a crazy bad headache caused by an incredible knot in the suboccipitals on the left side of my neck (oh, and a bit of a hangover from the 3 drinks I had over a span of about 4 hours the night before).  This had me going back and forth between the couch and the bed as I tried to sleep and not move too much.  I was chatting with Jamie from ReallyReally Blog, who was lamenting her lack of seasonal decorations since her Mark had just taken down their Christmas lights and porch pumpkin at the same time.  This and the romantic comedies I had been Netflixing all day (One for the Money, Beauty and the Briefcase, No Strings Attached and Decoy Bride) made me realize that my place could use a little jazzing up.
So to Pinterest I went!   I searched my “Winter” board (I don’t have boards for specific holidays I just have a board for each season and place holiday pins on the board for the season in which they occur) and found this pin from Martha Stewart.

So I busted out the crayons.
Crayons, orange and red

Once I had my little hearts made I used red thread, scotch tape and a food skewer (just the kind you can buy at Kroger).  I taped the thread to the hearts and then used little dabs of glue to hold the thread to the skewer.

Then I just placed the skewer behind the lock on the window and voila!

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Special Note: You guys know Mark likes to skate.  I decided to accompany him to Ollie’s Skatepark in Florence and this has afforded me lots of time to catch up on my blog, so you can know that this post as well as a few you’ll see in the coming days and weeks were all created on site at Ollies.


  1. Nice hearts! Still season-less at our house! Unless you count the pumpkin shriveling away in the backyard which I gaze at affectionately. I wonder how long he'll last! I didn't want to put it in the compost since it's pretty full.

  2. These are cute! You are so crafty.
    We don't have very many decorations at all in our house. We have a lot of Christmas stuff, but this year I didn't put it all out because I didn't want to have to put it all away. Is that bad?