Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pinterest Challange: A Little Bathroom Fancy

I know I just completed a Pinterest inspired project for Valentine's Day but, ladies and germs, it's time for ...

That's right, John, Sherry, Katie and the crew are bringing it back.

And guess what? This challenge brings you a bonus!  Not one but TWO Pinterest inspired projects.  I've been up to a lot of cleaning and organizing lately and one of the spots that needed the most TLC was the bathroom. Makeup brushes, tooth brushes, contact lenses are all such boring clutter-y things - so I organized them and jazzed them up.

Here are my two inspiration pins...

I love the coffee bean brush holder and I just so happen to have a few clear acrylic boxes similar to the one in the picture.  I picked them up really cheaply once upon a time when all of the World Market's were closing in Cincinnati (I really love the acrylic boxes I got when they closed but it was so bittersweet! I want World Market back).

First I tackled the brushes.

 This project hardly needs an explanation.  I grabbed my acrylic box and the cheapest coffee beans I could find from Kroger. (I used about 1.5 bags)

I didn't want to fill the whole thing so i cut a piece of cardboard and covered the edges that would show with pretty paper.

Then I added the coffee beans.  I put my brushes in the beans and used the back to store some of the makeup I don't use very often.

I really love this!  There is a light scent of coffee when I'm putting on my makeup which I think will go away after a while - but I like it so I think I'll just have to stir up the beans every once in a while to release the scent.  Here it is nestled between two other boxes containing perfume(which I RARELY wear) and makeup (You can see a stray bean has migrated into the front of the makeup box. BAD BEAN!).

My next stop was the medicine cabinet. BORING!

My cabinet definitely needed jazzing up and while the pin above was the inspiration it didn't have any actual instructions.  Now I've seen this idea around and people often use decorative contact paper, wrapping paper or shelf liner.  I didn't have any of that around that was the right size/would look good for this project so my next idea to get a look I would like was to decoupage a piece of teal/aqua tissue paper, I thought it would give it a nice watery look.  But decoupage is pretty permanent, I think it is water soluble but it would be messy if I needed to take it down and if I painted over it it would likely show lumps or weirdness. So I though maybe I should just paint it.  Being a renter, painting isn't really recommended but it's a small space and if I really needed to repaint it before we move (which likely won't be soon - this neighborhood is AWESOME!) it could be done really easily.  But I don't know, paint seemed kinda boring and I didn't have a color I like on hand.  So while there is a hardware store about a block from here I didn't want to leave the house - that requires proper attire and I was having jammie time (yes at 4:00 pm).  So I remembered an idea I saw on Apartment Therapy a while back using fabric and starch.Yes! I have lots of fabric here, remember?   But their tutorial used purchased laundry starch which I didn't want since I would have a lot leftover that I would probably never use. You know from my DIY Laundry Detergent post that I'm pretty particular about what goes into my laundry.  And after searching the web and finding this tutorial from Decorella I realized I could make my own starch using just cornstarch and water - and I had cornstarch leftover from this project.  WIN!   So starched fabric it was, and it went something like this.

I used Decorella's starch recipe but just made a quarter of the recipe.  I just ploped my cornstarch in the boiling water - it likely would have been better to "sift" it in as my starch turned out quite lumpy.

 Then I just used the foam brush pictured above and just really blobbed it in the back of the medicine cabinet (after I removed all the stuff and shelves of course). I just flopped up big globs and spread it around - a lot fell to the bottom of the cabinet but that was easy to clean up with a wet rag when I was done.  After I had the back coated in starch I pressed up the fabric and it stuck on its own.  The lumpy starch left lumps behind the fabric so I used a plastic shoppers card to scrape out the lumps using a similar method to what you would use when scraping the bubbles from behind a window cling (Just like I did here!). Once I got everything smooth I left it to dry for a few hours.  In the picture below the fabric looks discolored or wrinkled in some places but I assure you it is smooth.  The weirdness was just caused by some of the spots where the glue was wetter and seeped into the fabric.  Once dry it looked totally smooth.

The last step was to trim the edges and  put the shelf back up.  I was was aware that whatever cutting instrument I used would have to be sharp to cut through the fabric without causing too much drag.  While the fabric is up there it is not adhered strongly enough to  withstand much pulling.  First I tried using an x-acto with a fresh blade and that just didn't do it so I went for the big guns using my Olfa rotary cutter and a quilting ruler and they worked awesome.

  Then I put up the shelves and enjoyed!

Here's a close up of my fabric - blue, green and white dots. (The blue in the previous pictures is how the color reads in real life.  I just couldn't get a close up to read that color.)

 Now I just need to figure out what to do with the inside of this door!

 So you've made it to the end of my post and still don't have enough?  Well lucky for you Jamie from Really Really Blog is participating int he Pinterest Challenge too!  And while I won't see her project until the posts go up I think* it is going to be something really really awesome!

*I may have "encouraged" Jamie to take on this particular project for my own benefit!

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  1. Nice! Now all your bathroom needs is a couple of cat heads in frames...

  2. Love the coffee beans! Does it smell good, too?

    1. It did at first - but even after just a few days the smell is really fading. Boo :(

  3. I saw Nate Berkus do something similar with brushes and beads but haven't been able to find a good container yet. I love yours - especially the back section for those everyday items. Must keep searching now!

    1. Keep searching! If glass is an option for you Michael's carries square vases that are a bit smaller but could work if you don't have a ton of stuff. Or check and see if you have a local retail supply store where they sell display type items for stores - like hooks and shelves and such.

  4. I loved how your medicine cabinet turned out! It gave me some inspiration. Ours seems so yucky and dull at home. They need a facelift. Ahhh someday.