Monday, February 18, 2013

A Solsitce/Yule/Christmas Season Recap

I wrote this blog somewhere around the end of December but never published it.  So please,  relax, let your self float back to late December 2012 and enjoy this belated blog post.
So the festive holiday season is now officially over and we only have one little holiday left before winter sets in. So I thought I'd recap a little of what has happened the last few weeks so that you can read it while lounging next to the warm fire.
1. Gifts
            Mark and I decided not to get gifts for each other because really – it’s just easier to buy stuff for yourself.  So on Black Friday there was a lot of online shopping happening but we were splurging on our selves and might I say we got ourselves some really cool stuff.
I got these sweet boots.

Mark got himself one of these

And a few other jeep parts that I don’t know what they are or what they do - only that a transmission jack and hours spent in a cold garage were needed to put them on.

The only people I really had to buy gifts for were my nieces and nephew.  The two older ones got sweet LED headlamps, which I thought of after they were so popular on our camping trip –and the younger one?  Well, she got baby stuff – she’ll have to wait a year or two before she can get a headlamp.

2. Holiday Crafting
I made a hostess gift for Jamie and Mark who host the annual Pants Party and Friendly Holiday Christmas Dinner

(Tutorial HERE)
Then there was creating a fleece no-sew blanket.  This beautiful fleece was gifted to me from Becca many moons ago and I just used them as blankets the way they were.  I decided it was time to finally use them as intended and tied them up!
(Thanks Becs!  It’s very warm.)

There was the Christmas Unicorn who came to live with us from the thrift store.  He got a new coat of paint and some sparkling green glitter (the Martha Stewart kind I was pining for a while back).

The unicorn was very happy because upon completion he went to live in the…

3. Solstice Forest
            Years ago instead of buying one fake Christmas tree in an after Christmas sale I bought a set of three little ones.  Then I got another little pink tree from Becca and so since I already had 4 trees I figured I would just keep going, add more trees and make it a forest.  A Solstice Forest.  Where all creatures great and small can celebrate the return of the sun at Winter Solstice.

 4. Cat Wrapping and Cat Napping
Underneath these trees I needed to stash some of our (few) wrapped gifts.  Leroy helped wrap and then both of the cats were so worn out that they napped.

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  1. I still love that pink tree. The day it magically appeared on my balcony made me smile.