Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Have Seen the Light

And it's coming from this woman's crotch.

 This is just one of the images that made it one to my 2013 vision board last Saturday night.  Similar to last year,  lots of women gathered at my apartment with lots of food, wine and magazines .

Samoa Fudge Anyone?

 First we convinced new comers of how well the boards can work. This year I even let the magazines sit all day with a large amethyst crystal on top to help draw in good energy.

Then we got to visioning. This is where women pour through the pages of magazines (ranging from ESPN and Maxim to Cosmo and Travel +Leisure) in a frenzy tearing out words and images that support their vision.  Somewhere around 9pm the glue sticks really got moving as everyone started arranging and gluing everything to their board.

Magazines galore!  You can't actually see most of the people because they were all on the floor working or at the food table.

Leroy got friendly with everyone, especially Jamie.  This made me jealous because Leroy is my cat boyfriend.

Leroy not actually pictured - but you can imagine him snuggled in her lap and laying on her board.

I am like this to him.

I had spent some time early that morning thinking rather deeply about what I would put on my board.  I decided I wanted to have a year of stability - where not much really happens - no new jobs, apartments, boyfriends etc - the ones i have already are perfect!  I just want to be in one place long enough to really enjoy it.

2013 Vision Board

What do you see for yourself in 2013?


  1. Don't worry. Leroy probably just thought I was you! Nice board. I had no idea you wanted a diamond crotch.

  2. That fudge was ahhhmazing. Can I have the recipe?
    Vision board parties are wonderful! I can't wait to see what happens from my board this year! Last year worked. :)