Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Have Seen the Light

And it's coming from this woman's crotch.

 This is just one of the images that made it one to my 2013 vision board last Saturday night.  Similar to last year,  lots of women gathered at my apartment with lots of food, wine and magazines .

Samoa Fudge Anyone?

 First we convinced new comers of how well the boards can work. This year I even let the magazines sit all day with a large amethyst crystal on top to help draw in good energy.

Then we got to visioning. This is where women pour through the pages of magazines (ranging from ESPN and Maxim to Cosmo and Travel +Leisure) in a frenzy tearing out words and images that support their vision.  Somewhere around 9pm the glue sticks really got moving as everyone started arranging and gluing everything to their board.

Magazines galore!  You can't actually see most of the people because they were all on the floor working or at the food table.

Leroy got friendly with everyone, especially Jamie.  This made me jealous because Leroy is my cat boyfriend.

Leroy not actually pictured - but you can imagine him snuggled in her lap and laying on her board.

I am like this to him.

I had spent some time early that morning thinking rather deeply about what I would put on my board.  I decided I wanted to have a year of stability - where not much really happens - no new jobs, apartments, boyfriends etc - the ones i have already are perfect!  I just want to be in one place long enough to really enjoy it.

2013 Vision Board

What do you see for yourself in 2013?

Friday, January 25, 2013

I'll Flex for You

Some of you may remember this post from a while back.  Well, I thought I was making progress - I've rededicated my self to the gym for the last 6 weeks and have paid more attention while using all the weight machines that I was supposed to  - I even finished my old tub of protein powder and ordered a new 10 LB bag! 

Then in the last week I've started feeling really antsy for some results - maybe it was my 5 year old niece doing hop push ups next to the dining room table after Sunday dinner(something like this just without the cones).  Maybe it was a self proclaimed "out of shape" co-worker tell me she's really trying to get back into shape and that she's really working on her push ups because she can only do 2 sets of 10.  Maybe it was reading up on the Starting Strength program and realizing that when they say start with an empty bar and then increase weight first in 20 lb increments then 10 and then 5 until you reach your 5 rep max that the empty bar weighs 45lb and I can't even lift that for most of the moves. 

This was all very depressing.  I am not strong.  I would say I am a weak little girl - but given the above reference about my niece - that wouldn't even apply :(

So I dove into the Starting Strength Wiki and other resources (I'll get to the actual book eventually!) and went to they gym determined to make it work.
The next day the following email was sent to my work out buddy Jamie:

Where did you go!?  I came to chat and you were gone!  (really i know that you went home from work)
I came to tell you that I went to start the "Starting Strength" weightlifting program last night at [the gym].  I realized two things

1.  I am super weak
2. There is no bar bell at our gym

Number 2 turned out to be OK because of number 1.  Turns out barbells without weights on them are like 45 lbs alone so it's OK that i don't have one because i can't lift 45lbs for all of the exercises.  So I'm just doing it with dumbbells!

The program says that the average person starts a dumbbell squat at 85 lbs.  I was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY lower than this when not using a machine.

I am a weak and sissy girl.

I'm just thinking that i will use the above text a a blog post    - maybe.

So you can see that in fact I am using the text as a blog post and now you know that I'm going to try to focus on getting STRONGER!

Any tips for a newbie? n00b? novice?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: The Year the Aliens Invaded

Two-thousand and twelve started out great when an amazing alien came in to my life, shot me with some laser beams and beamed me up.
Early in 2012 Mark sits guarded, but with his love laser beam ready.

Then, as if to remind me of this serendipitous gain, 2012 came to close with the catch phrase  
Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man - Mugamoodi?

Maybe in 2013 I will become an alien.

Also, in 2012 I really came to appreciate the A-MA-ZING friends and family that I have - and blog followers too (I really appreciate all 5 of YOU! - Seriously!)

I think 2013 is going to be great! (As any year that starts with banging on pots and pans should be!)