Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cheap and Easy Quartz Point Earrings

Generally, it can take quite a while between the time an idea is discovered and the time it is completed and blogged about.  Occasionally, projects (like this one) complete that whole cycle in less than 24 hours.  This happened due to a perfect storm of a day off of work, easy access to the supplies, a super easy project and a late night of election result watching/blogging.

I created these earrings after seeing them on eat.sleep.MAKE.  Please click on the link below to see their tutorial.

I made just one change -instead of dipping the tip in metallic paint, I used a leftover metallic paint marker that we never ended up using for this project.

I was easily able to find the earring backs and jewelry glue at Michaels - and I'm sure Hobby Lobby would have them too.  In Cincinnati I was able to get the quartz points for a great price at the Aquarius Star on Ludlow Ave. in Clifton.

I brought home the crystals and cleansed them in running water and then charged them a bit by placing them in the sun on a large piece of amethyst.

 Then I gathered my supplies and my assistant Leroy.

 Then quality checker Willy stopped by.

Then I got to work.  I made sure to vigorously depress the marker tip to get a pretty thick layer of paint. Once dry (only like a few minutes), I put a dab of glue on a flat side on each of the crystals and put on the earring back.  They were dry pretty quickly - maybe an hour-ish.  Then...Voila!

Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Halloween Recap

Halloween has long been one of my favorite holidays.  This year it seemed to just come out of no where (even though my weekly trips to Michaels should have given me plenty of reminders). Last Saturday, Michaels did finally get me with this half-off adorable little black cat basket and super cheap glow bracelets.  I was so excited to give out something other than candy.  You see, my day job is in Public Health and we spend a LOT of time talking about beating childhood obesity and I just couldn’t give out candy.  I considered toothbrushes but thought people would straight up make fun of me (and they would be much more expensive than the glow sticks).  My job also focuses a lot on the safety of children out walking so the glow stick was just the awesome combo of not candy and safety!  Besides, the glow sticks looked adorable just waiting to be handed out in my little cat head.

I was totally unprepared in the costume department.  Saturday morning I was even dreaming of an awesome costume (which I’m not going to tell you because I may want to be it next year) but I decided not to get it together because we didn’t have any plans, but guess where we ended up going that night?  The costume party at Ludlow Wines!  Dang!  Next year I guess.

But even with nothing prepared I just have to celebrate a little bit on actual Halloween day.  I started with a fun “Halloween” outfit for work – not a costume, just an outfit with Halloween flair.  Several people said that I looked like a witch or a pirate or a pirate witch and several others thought that was just how I was dressing now.  Of course I thought of taking a pic before leaving for work but I just didn't, so you guys don't get to see that outfit.
After work, when it was time to go to my sister’s to hang out with her and hand out candy while her hubby and kids were out trick-or-treating I put on my fun Halloween outfit that always starts with these awesome socks I got in the Target dollar spot a few years back.

Then I jazzed it up with a matching colorful outfit and some fun green and purple eye shadow and...  

...vintage Halloween Troll earrings!

Troll Hallowen earrings

Do you see the terror in their faces as Leroy attacks?

After all the candy had been handed out and my nephew initially ignored all the candy he collected to dig out the NEW TOOTHBRUSH someone had given out (Turns out toothbrushes are awesome Halloween goodies) Mark and I headed to Riverside Korean to use our Groupon.  I hadn’t been there in a while and awesomely they now escort you to a waiting room while you wait for a table. It is an awkward small room in the back with couches, French doors and a karaoke machine.  We were there with one other couple who seemed scared of our enthusiasm for the karaoke machine.  We didn’t officially sing anything but a few bars of our duet version of Toto’s Hold the Line may or may not have been sung.

With bellies full of Ban Chan, Kim Bap, Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap and Myun Dak Bok Um we headed home and a very nice (but cold and rainy) Halloween came to an end for this year.