Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Challange: Orderly Fabric Storage

(This post is part of the Fall Pinterst Challange over at Young House Love...and Bower Power, our fifth house and The Ugly Duckling)

I'm crafty.  

Once upon a time I lived a crafter's dream.  I was working part time at a local craft/fabric store (part of a national chain) and they decided to close my location.  Just as the store closing liquidation started the boss said "Rather than you guys trying to hold on to things until the prices go really low, all employees can just buy stuff starting now at 85% off".

85% off !!!!!!

This was just as the liquidation was beginning so imagine walking into your local craft store and being able to buy anything 85% off.  I did what most any sane crafter would do.  I immediately spent about $300.  $300 at 85% off gets you a lot.  Like $2000 lot.  Three really nice irons? Check.  Three fancy crafting lamps? Check.  Lots of scrapbooking, yarn and quilting accessories? Check. Lots of fabric? Check. 

And the initial $300 wasn't all - my buying spree continued until the store closed.  However, since then I have been rather transient, often living far away or in really tiny or temporary places.  Well, a while back, in this post, I talked about my new place, lucky for me my new place has a giant extra room that we are using for crafts/sporting good and tool storage and I feel like it is time to get this stuff out of the giant tubs it has been living in in my parents basement. I first remember seeing this project years ago when I didn't have a place of my own to do it.  Now that I do (and since I've been rearranging the craft room), I was pumped to be reminded by this pin:

See how the fabric is all lined up and looks just like a fabric store?  I LOVE it.

I started by buying two $20 bookcases from target, some "magazine boards" from my local comic shop and getting my iron and pins ready.  NOTE:  Many places I see this project they use the smaller size comic book boards, but my shop had the magazine size boards right next to them and I find their size to fit really well.

Then, after washing all of my fabric to make sure it's ready to use I set to ironing.  Lots of ironing.  I first ironed it flat, then in half (the same way it comes when you buy it off the bolt).  Then i simply ironed it in half again and it fits the height of a magazine board almost exactly!  Then I just wrap the board and pin with a strait pin to secure the end.  Simple!

I love the way it looks and this is such better storage than the huge plastic tubs it used to be in.  Also, since it's been washed and ironed it is ready to use.  This storage method will be optimal for quilting since I can just unroll the "bolt" and cut what i need!

I really think this new storage method and it's incredible functionality will help me get back to quilting this winter.*

*Once I finishing washing and ironing all of my fabric as this is only about 80% of the first of three tubs.

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  1. Oooh... I've been wanting to do this to my fabric stash, but it seems like such a huge undertaking! Great job!

  2. I would measure (could do a rough estimate) each piece of fabric as you fold and mark the amount on the top edge of the magazine board. This would save unwrapping and rewrapping fabric when you are doing a future project. I am off to the comic book store to get the stuff to organize my stash. Lovely post.

  3. I did this awhile back with my stash and it was a total game changer. So many more projects actually were conceived of and completed just because I could finally *see* what I had. Nice job! http://www.skooksplayground.com/2011/05/organizing-fabric-like-superhero.html

  4. That is a crazy deal! I use to work at a Claire's (cheap-ish jewelry store) and I'd always hit up the sale stuff with my employee discount!

  5. Oh my goodness, 85 percent off is like a dream come true!! I love how you've organized all your fabric, I really need to get my butt into gear and do something like this too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love this way of organising fabric! I'm a bit sheepish to admit that my linen closet is full of fabric because I own more fabric than linen...