Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Things... I should have already blogged about, but haven't.

In case you haven't noticed I've been pretty slow about blogging lately, so this is a "catch up" of all of the good things that have happened that I haven't blogged about yet.

1. I completed some home projects.

a)  I went to a very cool garage sale and found these sweet golden birds.  I feel sad for the poor man* who let these go.  Just a few coats of spray primer and they were ready.

 b) I dug this old frame out of my parents basement and gave it a nice coat of "Lagoon" teal.  Then I just added a piece of pre-made chalk board from Home Depot and Voila! (Just a reminder that Home Depot is awesome and will make a cut for you so you don't have to break out all your tools at home.  In just a matter of minutes they had the chalk board cut to size and saved us the extra work.)


c)  I needed a new solution in my bedroom.  I was using my same old night stands with our new mattress which is way thicker than my old one and having our nightstands a good foot lower than the top of the bed just wasn't working out.  So I found this pin on Pinterest and got to it (actually Mark did most of the dirty work).  We just trimmed down the legs of the black-brown table (they no longer make the light blue tables so I went with a color that would match Vallvik and Hemnes) and then I used command strips to hold them together.  I originally used glue but it just wouldn't hold and this way, while they hold together great, I can easily take them a part.

 2. I got a haircut.



3. We went on vacation to the beach.
 And only "fell" in the water up to our necks once**.  Who puts a deep inlet right through the beach?  It did rain most of the time but hey, it made for bigger waves.

We drove through the mountains.

We made it to our beachfront balcony.

We drank a Twisted Turtle and it was delicious.

We went to the Brazilian Steakhouse but  the cinnamon roasted pineapple was most memorable.

Mark proved that he does, in fact, like long walks on the beach.

We wrote in the sand.

We played in the water fully dressed. This was not the only time (see above where I mentioned that we "fell" in the water) and since the weather was damp our clothes stayed wet for the rest of the trip.

Mark drove us home in style.

4. I fulfilled a blog give-a-way.
I finally fulfilled my blog give-a-ways from here and here.  Congrats to Jamie who won both of them.  (Also, I realize that these prizes look kind of suspicious but I swear it's just DIY deodorant and DIY Laundry detergent.

5. I went primal.
Jamie and I both got into the 21 Day Primal Challenge from Mark's Daily Apple.   Being Primal means eating a lot of meat, veggies, fruit and some nuts and dairy but it also means that you should get enough sleep and enough sun and play time to be healthy.  Cutting out rice has been an awesome step for me and has ended a lot of the daily abdominal pain I was experiencing thinking I was still ingesting some gluten.  Being primal has led me to eat some delicious wild passion fruits right off the vine and enjoying an extra rare t-bone for dinner.
fresh passion fruit off the vine

6. I (partially) rearranged the craft room.
So as I'm writing this I realize that these pictures don't make the craft/ sporting good storage room look any better, but I promise it is.  The ever popular Svalbo Sideboard is definately more comfortable in it's new home.
The Svalbo Sideboard joined the Vika Amon. ->
My Svalbo sideboard being used for craft storage.

The absence of the sideboard left room for the birds! ->

This corner still looks the same. :(
 7. We went to a concert (2 actually).
First Mark and I  spent the night out at his friend's Metal concert when they opened for Soulfly.  I was very interesting. Second, we went to a free concert by The National downtown at the Emery theater.

We weren't drunk - it was just the heavy metal coursing through our veins.
Waiting for The National with Mark.
Waiting for The National with my brother David.
Mark, Chris and Alicia waiting for The National.

 8. I've been traveling for work.
a) I had to make a last minute day trip to Columbus just to drop off some papers.  I brought Mark with me so that I wouldn't have to drive up there just to turn around.  I dropped off my papers and we drove to Short North and had some gluten free pizza and Jeni's ice cream, then we visited Skate Naked and Mark skated away the evening.
Mark knows what he likes when it comes to ice cream. Chocolate.  He had two of the four gourmet flavors of Jeni's Chocolate.

 b) I visited Atlanta.  They are very open and accepting there.

c) I visited Mt.Sterling, Ohio.
I learned a lot on this trip, but also got a standing ovation for the karaoke rendition of Love Shack that I performed with one of my colleagues.

There was a beautiful lake.

And a nice little "beach".

I won three prizes in the conference sponsored raffle which left me with wine and chocolates, wrapping paper and gift bags and grilling tools and a beer pong kit, complete with instructions.

9. I got food poisoning.
I slept in the hall outside of the bathroom so I wouldn't wake Mark.  But after the 6-7 hour mass exodus of all food and liquid from my body, when Mark did wake around 3:30 he did go promptly to the store to buy me Gatorade and lots of Pepto.  You can see in the photo below that Leroy (and Willy too) were there - but more so to drink the water out of my glass than to make me feel better.

10.  We met John and Sherry Petersik.
 Cincinnati was the first stop for the Petersik's on their Young House Love book tour.  What luck!  The morning after my food poisoning I (barely) got myself moving and Jamie came to pick me up and cart me downtown for the Books on the Banks festival where we got books signed by John and Sherry and got to hear them give a presentation.  Jamie had an awesome story to tell because they day they were in town was her fifth blogaversary and John even congratulated her in her signed book!! I was just trying not to vom on them and mumbled something about having food poisoning and that the only other reason I would have gotten up that day is if I was getting married.  And then I wrote in their copy of their book (they had a copy for their guests to sign for them!), seriously, I wrote "Love You Always!"  Why did I write that.  That was weird of me, but it was all I could think of in the moment.
Look closely and you can see the line to meet them wraps all the way around the room - and they were the only ones with any line at all!  Way to go!

Here is a timeless picture of myself, Sherry, John and Jamie.

*Just remember Zubin, I paid my $5 for those fair and square!
** When I say "fell" I mean the while walking down the beach we came across a little inlet that was no more than 8-10 feet across and since it was across the whole width of the beach we figured that it couldn't be that deep as it would prevent people from walking up and down the beach.  We were wrong.  We were prepared to go in maybe up to our knees but within about two steps we were up to our necks in delicious ocean water.


  1. Wow. Wow. WOW!! There is so much great content in this post I will surely be back for more commenting! And I will lay off the blog nagging for at least a week! Did you notice that J&S are standing closer to us than they are to eachother!! Haha. I also love that photobomber right between you and sherry.

  2. 9. See what cooking does to you! It poisons you!

  3. 8. I hope you checked your blog from all of those locations! Dude, 3 prizes? That's awesome!

  4. 7. I'm fairly certain you chose one of those concerts over a night of zumba! As if!

  5. 6. That room is a perfect craft (and bird) room.

  6. 5. I had GF pancakes today - those are found in the wild, right?