Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stuff Your Freezer!

Another food prepping day has come to pass.  I repeated 2 of the recipes I tried the first time, Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken and Chicken Curry and added two new ones, Chicken n' Cherries and Orange Chicken (the recipe is actually for beef but Mark just LOVES Chicken).  Unlike last time where I followed the recipe's very closely this time I made a lot more adjustments to suit our tastes - mostly, I made everything spicier and I added extra onions to just about everything - I LOVE onions. I also added a few more veggies to the two new recipes that were heavily meat based - sweet potato's with Chicken n' Cherries and zucchini with the Orange Chicken.  So for $42 dollars and 2.5 hours I have 8 freezer bags full of food (each recipe makes two bags) and each bag can usually (with the addition of rice or mashed potatoes) can get us about 5 meals, or 2 dinners and a lunch for one of us.  So 8 bags at 5 meals a piece for $42? - YEAH, only $1.05 + cost of rice or potatoes per serving. That is on par with what used to be the cheapest meal in my repertoire - spaghetti and sauce, except this is loaded with meat and veggies!

You can see we've eaten a few already and they are delicious!  Notice the bag of "leftover veggies" on the side.  That is leftover sweet potatoes and onions from the cooking day - I've made good use of them and you'll read about that soon!

 Have I inspired you to start cooking yet?


  1. That is a lot of dead birds....

  2. Damn, this blog really shut down after I won the give-away. No posts in FIVE weeks!!!!