Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest Challange: Melted Bead Suncatcher

So I’m a day late on my first Pinterest Challenge…

I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for my project photo to upload after eating TONS of delicious Mexican food last night - but here it is!

I decided to go for this awesome melted bead sun catcher for my first Challenge project because both Mark and Jamie thought that was the coolest project out of the few that I showed them AND the idea of getting a new pan just for plastic melting fit perfectly with my plan to go to the thrift store for half-price day on the 4th of July AND it was originally pinned from my favorite crafty website, Craftster.


So I procured a new pan for 50 cents – it’s actually a small but deep skillet with a metal handle so I could put the whole thing in the oven.  I then found some inspiration from a GIS’d (Google Image Searched) photo of a stormy sky.

Stormy Sky inspiration. By Clive. Get prints here.

And got to placing my beads (I bought a tub of plastic pony beads at Walmart for $5). I laid one layer of beads in the skillet and then put them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 40 min (I didn't have the oven preheated) and it did smell for a bit but it went away pretty quickly.

So here is the outcome.

Can't you see the resemblance to the inspiration photo?

I like it!  I don't love it. I wish I could have gotten smooth edges, maybe that is the benefit of using a pan with cornered edges instead of a skillet with soft curved edges. I was surprised how the beads took on a hexagonal shape.  I expected some kind of uniform melting from the circular beads but nothing this defined. The sun catcher in the pinspiration photo looks thicker too - I'm going to go for that.

I have lots more beads so I think I'm going to make a few more!

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  1. That looks exactly like your inspiration photo!! Maybe I'll participate in the next round. Oh wait, that would mean I would have to pin stuff. Nevermind.

    1. No worries Jamie! I'm pinning for you!

    2. Thanks! I knew you'd always have my back. Maybe one day I will make Mark that uni-tard!