Thursday, July 5, 2012

An In-Tents Weekend

Get it?  In-tents = intense!  HAHHA

I was (almost) as if I went 11 years back in time last weekend as I went camping with my friends.  You see, the last time we all went camping it was the summer before I went away to collage. For me at least, this trip included a lot less drinking and a lot more exercise (not necessarily on purpose), reading and the addition of some new friends/twins/honorary sisters.

As you would assume, the S'more making process was the most exciting part of the whole weekend.  This was a little bit challenging due to the glutenous nature of graham crackers.  My first attempt at G-free s'mores used pecan Nut Thins in place of the graham crackers and it worked pretty well.

These however are a bit smaller than your usual graham cracker and it allowed me to only use 2 Hershey's chocolate squares instead of the preferred 4 - but I survived.  

On the second night of S'more making things got a little wild.  I forwent the Hershey's all together and the Nut Thins as well and went for a giant marshmallow (Thanks Amanda!) and 1/3 Snickers on a skewer.  YES!  This was it!  

snickers smores
Sorry for the crappy photo quality - I think I was too high on life at this moment to care.

The Snickers didn't just melt like I thought it would  - it actually started to caramelize the chocolate on the outside. YES.  This was IT.

All in all it was a great weekend.

I got to live it up in my ultra personal tiny tent. Special Thanks to Jamie and Liam for helping me put it up.

one person tent
Yeah, that is a duck blanket lining my floor.
And I got to display my latest String-Of-Things in the food shelter.

camping bunting

This was just a quick and mostly sugar filled overview of the trip.  If you want to know more about the incredible and indispensable spreadsheet that created this trip or if you are interested in alcohol binge enabling raccoons, check out Jamie's recap at the Really Really Blog.

NOTE:  All of this sugar consumption was OK since earlier in the day Jamie and I were mislead by an incredibly deceptive trail sign that led to us (and Pixel) getting a great workout.  If you are ever in Brookville, Indiana and a crummy wooden sign promises you a beach for a mere 1.5 mile hike - don't believe it.


  1. Please enjoy this comment from Michigan!! We are in a brewery and mark lent me a hotspot!

    1. Thanks Jamie! This is my very first Michigan Brewery comment!!!!

  2. so this guy goes to see his doctor and sayz to the doctor you gotta help me doctor I'm a teepee im a wigwam im a teepee im a wigwam and the doctor said hold on a second I think I got it you are 2 tents. Get it? TOO TENSE