Monday, July 23, 2012

Britney Spears Tells Me What To Eat

If you are an avid reader of my blog, which I know you are, you know a little bit about what I like to eat.  You definitely know about my skillet nachos (revisit them here) and you saw my dinner from the early Crane Days here. You read about my Gluten Free-ness here.(Did you get checked?) You saw my food failures here (no, I still haven't regained a fear of all things microwave) and recently, you saw many homemade and non-homemade food successes here.

But I'm not always the creative food genius you encountered in the posts linked above. Sometimes I sit and think about what to make for dinner and I can think of all of the things we've eaten recently but i have this vague feeling that we used to eat different stuff.  I believe I am, as they say, stuck in a rut.  That is why I'm glad I have this...

Britney Spears Notebook

In this (incredibly awesome) notebook(given to me by Becca) I started a list of meals that we like to eat.  When mark and I first started dating I had an awesome chalkboard back splash (sigh, I miss it) and I would list about 5 meals that I had the ingredients to make and then I would let him choose what I would make when he got there. Then as we would eat meals I would write down the ones we liked so i would remember to make them again.  After we moved I sort of just forgot about it and stopped using the notebook - until now.  I was board with the same few things I've been making lately so I went to look for some oldies (and update the notebook with some new things we like to eat)

So, the list of things we (both) like to eat so far includes:

  1. Tuna Melts, tomato soup and a veggie (green)
  2. Brat, Sauerkraut, Mashed potatoes, veggie (peppers and onions)
  3. Spaghetti squash w/ sauce (prego w/ onion added, maybe peppers and tomatoes too) and  occasionally Trader Joe's Gluten Free Meatballs
  4. Skyline! Change ups: hot mett, beans, American cheese, onion and/or rice 
  5. Stir Fry!  Poss. Ingredients: chicken, broccoli, pineapple, green beans, snap peas, carrots,onions, habeneros (pretty much anything) San-J sauces since most are Gluten Free - Szechuan is best!
  6. Chicken Curry (modified recipe from here)
  7. Chicken and Cherries (modified recipe from here)
  8. Tacos! (same as nachos - just different arrangement)
  9. Chili
I thought we were eating pretty well but this list just looks kind of sad to me.  I swear we eat other things - I just can't think of them now. You believe me, right?

So that's why I'm glad I have the other two sections of the note book.

The first is called "Things I'd like to learn to use" which includes foods like ...
  1.  Lentils
  2. Great Northern Beans
  3. Squash (These recipes have gotten me using a lot more zucchini)
  4. beets (I kinda already did this here) 
  5. rutabaga and radish (all root veggies really)
  6. Dried peas
  7. Fish

The final section of the book is called "Meals I'd like to try" which are really just ideas for future meals which include...

  1. Tuna Melts and Asparagus
  2. Tofu fried rice and edamame
  3. Quesadilla Casserole
  4. Turkey, rutabaga and avocado wrap
  5. Scramble spaghetti
  6. red beans and rice (this used to be a staple of mine but I forget how to make it)
  7. baked acorn squash with apples and chicken side
  8. Bi Bim Bap
  9. BBQ, coleslaw and kale chips 
So I guess the moral of the story is that I need to get back to Britney and bringing a little excitement to the kitchen.


  1. This is my comment about this food post.

  2. Hmm. This blog used to post more frequently. Hope you and Britney are ok.

    1. Unfortunately my second job (the one that pays me, crafting and just being cool is my real job, but it doesn't pay well) has been crazy and I haven't even been to the grocery in 3 weeks, so Britney has gotten no use. Don't worry, I'll be back soon!

  3. Did you eat your corn weights yet? I remember when this blog used to post on MWF!!!! Yeah, that was a good week...

  4. Seriously what is with this blog??? It's been over 2 weeks with no content! People all over the interweb are talking about unsubscribing!!

  5. I read this post back when you posted it, just now getting a chance to comment though. I can't believe you still have that notebook! I think I gave that to you back in your Kent days.

  6. Dude, get a george foreman! Excellent w da fishies. Ive heard of a veggie meatloaf w lentils, been meaning to try it since my gal dont go for mloaf.

  7. Also, salad. Big ones w crazy stuff in em. GN Beans on top!