Monday, June 25, 2012

New Skate Day!

Mark likes to skate.

3 fakie to soul, Razor skates, in-line
I'm told this picture was taken during a "3 fakie to soul".

Mark recently ordered a new pair of skates, but had to wait the whole weekend for them to be delivered.
Valo AB.VX
I swear they do come with wheels - you just pick those separately.

So I decided to make a String-of-Things to turn the weekend wait in to a celebration of all things skate!

Remz, Razors, Valo, Bunting, In-line, Skating

These are the logo's of the 3 companies that Mark now owns skates from: Razor, Remz and now Valo.

NOTE:  Mark enjoyed the String-of-Things but he thought the "skate" addition felt a little "quad" which is apparently the term for regular or "non-inline" skates.

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  1. Whoah! I've been waiting all weekend for this post!