Monday, June 18, 2012

Fur Was Flying

Skeeter my family’s 15 year old cat...

... got a haircut for the first time.  Skeeter is a gorgeous and incredibly large cat who we believe may be part Norwegian Forest Cat (or at least I believe that after seeing a Norwegian Forest Cat at a cat show years ago who looked JUST like Skeeter – except that Skeeter was actually prettier).  Skeeter is just a few pounds over where he should be but some mix of his giantness, older age and incredibly long fur – we are talking 4 inches or possibly more in some places has made it difficult for him to keep his fur neat and tidy.  You see, Skeet (as we like to call him) is incredibly prone to getting giant fur mats on his hind quarters and for the past several years, most often my brother and sometimes myself, have taken to using hair cutting scissors and delicately cutting them off a few hairs at a time.  “BUT YOU SHOUD JUST BRUSH HIM MORE OFTEN,” you exclaim!  And I reply “Yeah, we do that.  Skeeter is the type of cat that you could brush for an hour each day and still pull off gobs and gobs of cotton candy-esque fur.  In fact, he has so much fur that for a while in high school it started making yarn out of his hair by sort of felting it together.  That was before this book was invented -   XXXXX    (After I had thought about it I sort of wished that my mom had asked the groomer if we could keep the hair she shaved off.)

Anyway – here is our fluffy kitty now!!!
He looks sooooo happy.

Sorry for the creepy eyes I'm none so good at photo editing.


  1. Yeah, Skeets looks pissed! Hope you enjoy this hit from Roswell, GA!!!