Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Blog Changes

The dedicated group of you who read my blog regularly (Thanks!) might have noticed a few changes taking place lately.  I have been diligently working on my BLOG SKILZ and dedicating some time to try to make Peace and Plastic a happinin' place for all of you.  NOW, for those of you who don't know my blog by heart (Why not?) and haven't noticed the 6 changes that recently taken place, I'll list them for you.

Stop reading right now and DON'T look ahead - How many of the six changes have you noticed?  Make a mental note and leave me a comment with the number.

1. A new domain name: This is super exciting I went from to SA-WEET! Don't worry if you have the old address bookmarked - it will automatically forward to the new address.

2. The addition of a watermark to my photos: I was torn on this as some bloggers do and some don't - but especially since the advent of Pinterest (Look to the right sidebar for the link to follow me) there are a lot of stories of photos floating around the internet without a way to find where the came from.  Not that I'm posting photo's of anything that groundbreaking - but hey, I'm going to keep at it for now.  Note that you will see photos in the upcoming weeks going back and forth between addresses - that is just because I edited some of them before the BIG DOMAIN CHANGEOVER EVENT as I like to call it.

3. The ability to follow me on Bloglovin': Take a look at the right sidebar and you'll see a new button that will connect you to Bloglovin' where you can follow my blog.  Bloglovin'  is a reader type setup that will gather new posts from all of the blogs you follow into one feed. (You can still follow me on Google reader - I don't really care which one you use - but if you follow me thenI know that you are out there, or at least leave a comment from time to time for goodness sake!)

4. The addition of a few pages: Over on the left hand side of my blog you can see that you can now click on page links for Food, Beauty, Crafts and Home Decor and you will be brought to a page that shows all of my posts on that specific topic.  Just another way to browse my blog!

5. The additional sidebar on the right: If you've read the previous 4 items than you've already looked at the right sidebar TWICE!  It's handy isn't it?  I'm going to use this sidebar for things about me and my presence on the web outside of this specific blog. The left sidebar will be the directory for all things Peace and Plastic.

6. The button that you can copy and post on your blog:  This took up a good chunk of a Saturday morning so it's a good thing I was up at 5:30 AM so it didn't cut into my day!  This was the most technical of the new additions and even though I copied and pasted most of the code and found several websites with step-by-step directions (typing that gave me a mind break where I started singing NKOTB and pictured Susanne Sommers in her role as a sweet 90's mom), none of them worked for me directly.  I ended up using a combo of information from Between Naps on the Porch and Paper Heart Camera.  Please feel free to copy the code and share my button on your blog!

Now that you can see all of the cool new things happening on the blog be sure to check back later this afternoon for a SECOND Monday post.

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