Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Art Is In The Eye Of The Groupon Holder

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I’ve recently found myself facing a bit of a quandary.  How do two people with similar taste but totally different ideas about decorating and style cohabitate?
Many of you know that Mark and I have recently moved to a new place a together. While we quickly agreed on our amazing sofa (You can read about it here), new kitchen sink (learn more about that here) and cool grey curtains, I’m finding most of our decorating preferences are polar opposites.  This dilemma really reared it’s ugly head for the first time when Groupon offered a deal to  I quickly hopped over to to check out their selection and I quickly came upon this.
The Witches Sabbath
One quick glance and I was smitten, I turned my computer to Mark for approval and her agreed. So I bought the Groupon.  Later that day (or maybe the next day, I don’t really remember - the whole drama actually lasted a few days) I was browsing the rest of their selection  thinking maybe I would purchase a few other things as well.  I found a few other things I liked but went back to check out “The Witches Sabbath”  only this time around I noticed the sickly/dead children in the painting  :(  

Hmmmm.  I love the colors and ladies and goat but do I really want sickly/dead children - painted or otherwise - in my living room?"

So I started thinking maybe I would go with something else so I broke the news to Mark and showed him some of my new choices.  Mark still liked The Witches.  So I went on a journey to learn what I could about Goya (the artist and my memories of one of his other paintings are mentioned here) and the story behind the painting. It turns out that the painting is somewhat of a satire of the fear-mongering ideas that the heads of the church spread against those who did not conform during the time of the Spanish Inquisition.  Take that fear mongers!  So the print was back on.   

Yeah! Art with a message - BAD ASS!”

I thought.  Well, I thought that at least for a few minutes until  realized that there were still sickly/dead children in it.  I just didn’t want to have them watching me while I’m chilling on the couch watching quilt shows on PBS. 


So I picked a few more options and there were a few others we agreed on, but Mark was still holding out for The Witches.  So for a few days i think we looked at every print on the site and went back and forth shooting down each others ideas.  In the end we never came to a total consensus, but one winner that we both liked almost as much as the first one.
The Little Mermaid

So I bought it! 


Then just a few days later I brought over a few more of my things from my parents house where they have been living for years ever since I became a nomad.  Among those things were two large mirrors.  One I thought would go on my dresser and one would go on the mantel above the (non-working) fireplace.  I was very excited for all of this until Mark got home and poo-pooed the idea of a mirror on the mantel.  It turns out that while I had been picturing a mirror in the space from day one, he had been picturing a painting.  Go figure.  So again, over the course of a few days while the mirrors rested in the hallway we went back and forth about our ideas for the mantel and the living room as a whole. The problem has been temporarily solved since last Thursday my parents came to take us out to dinner and to see our place now that it had stuff in it.  While I was at work Mark went on a cleaning mission (isn’t he great?) and ended up putting the mirrors where I had originally imagined them just to get them out of the hallway.  It actually made me feel bad that I got my way by default so I know this issue will be revisited in the future so we can both love what it above the mantel. (Actually, now that it is up there I'm not sure that I love it.)
Sometimes it’s really hard for me to give up a decorating idea once I’ve envisioned it in my head but in this case, sleeping on it a few nights helped me to get over my original idea to know that we could come up with something we both like.  
Have you ever gotten your decorating way by default?  How did you feel about it?  What poster would you have chosen from Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. I like the Little Mermaid picture best, I think that was a good choice. I also like the mirror above the mantel. I can not offer any decorating advice, as I have NOTHING on my walls at all, and have lived there for two years. Jason decorated an area of the basement. It has shelf with model tractors. Ha. At least he didn't ask for them to go in the living room. :)

  2. I also like the mermaid print. I have a mermaid print in my house too!! It's from Seattle's Pike Street Market like 9 years ago.