Monday, May 21, 2012

Let there be light.

And privacy.

Yes this is another (and I think the last) of the old posts originally drafted in December of 2011.  This was one of my favorite projects and is very much still being enjoyed by my brother who lives in apartment now.

The bathroom window in the old apartment looked directly across the driveway and into the second floor window of the neighbors.  It also seemed that the inhabitants of the neighboring third floor would be able to see in as well.  

I have seen this awesome stuff at Home Depot before and just knew it would be an awesome solution.  These Artscape's are basically just giant window clings that you can buy in different designs for around $20 at any big box home improvement store.

I chose Magnolia as I thought it went with the colors and feel of the house as some of the existing actual stained glass had similar colors.

First I rolled it out over the window (I'm only doing the bottom half and will just keep the shade pulled down half way). Using painters tape to secure I checked the direction and placement of the design but used actual measurements and a straight edge to cut it to size.

Close up of the painters tape!

You then spray the window with a little soapy water so the giant cling will slide around and into the perfect spot and then you use an old credit card type thing to squeegee out the bubbles and you are done!  It was way easier and quicker than I imagined.

The real bonus of this project was that I had enough left over to cover the transom window over the entry door.  The view through this window was of the crappy old hallway chandelier that had 4 unmatched, bare light bulbs.  Also, since the hall light is always on at night, the soft glow through the Artscapes film was like a nice night light.

Do you have a night light?


  1. I can't remember if I had ever seen this? It looks cool. I'm still curious as to why you wrote all these in December but are posting them now?

  2. I just rough drafted them back in Dec. I put the pics and maybe a one sentence summery of the content. I just never spent the time to flesh them out.

    1. I think we might get this stuff for our bedroom window. I'd like to let some light in without our creepy next door neighbors (and their cats) peeking into our house. I usually keep the shade down which makes it pretty dark. They have some clear clings that have a pretty design on them at Home Depot.