Friday, May 25, 2012

Green Goodness: The Spinach Smoothie

 I first read about the green smoothie here.  I was intrigued but never intended on making one.  Then about a week later a woman at work told me that she makes a smoothie every morning before work.  I thought "Wow, I could never make a smoothie every morning before work.  I'd never have enough time/energy." But then I decided to try it. 

 I stocked up on frozen fruit (except for bananas and citrus fruit I have trouble keeping fresh fruit around for decent periods  of time) and fresh spinach.  I now buy the "open stock" spinach from Kroger. I used to buy the kind in the big plastic tub but it would go bad before I could use it all.  Then one night I met a magical man in the produce department  In my imagination he came from a foreign land many years ago and his wild white beard and hair told me that he must in fact be very wise.  He told me that it would be much cheaper to buy the open stock organic spinach instead of the stuff in the tub.  It is usually priced at 3.99 a pound but who buys a pound?  I generally buy about 2.5 to 3 loosely packed cups of spinach and it costs me under 50 cents. Really.  The man also told me that I should put it in the plastic bag in the fridge but to leave the bag open because spinach is similar to the body in that while you should keep the body warm the crotch should be kept cool. The plastic bag acts as the blanket keeping the leaves warm while the opening allows the spinach crotch to cool. I'll admit I totally do it just like he said and I do think my spinach lasts longer than it used to. ANYWAY, Back to the smoothie. 

 On this particular morning I tossed in some frozen cherries, Private Selection Smoothie Blend (found at Kroger it's a mix pineapple, mango and strawberry), frozen blueberries and spinach.  I generally use water for the liquid but occasionally I'll use Knudsen's Just Tart Cherry or Just Cranberry or Lifeway Kefir.

Green Spinach Smoothie

After this I just turn the blender on and enjoy.  It is actually really easy as long as I remember to rinse the blender pitcher right away.  It's kinda fun, I just put in a little soap and warm water, put on the lid and turn it on again and it pretty much cleans itself.

You can put pretty much any combo of stuff into a smoothie, in fact I'm enjoying one made of blueberries, lemon and thyme tea right now.  It's delicious, tart and inspired by my favorite popsicle flavor from an awesome local business called Streetpops.

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  1. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, yogurt and maybe a banana. The spinach isn't too bad either.