Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flower Power

It started late one evening at Kroger where I purchased a pink rose for my niece after her dance recital and a lily for the hostess of the evening's ladies craft party.  I spotted a few great clearance bouquets but was in a hurry, so sure enough, the next time I made it to Kroger I picked up a clearance bouquet.   A day and a half later I pulled the bouquet out of it's cup of water in the sink and began to arrange.  An awesome trick I learned from my mother is that you don't have to use all the flowers in the bouquet in one vase.  You can break it down and make several smaller arrangements an have a small arrangement for each room!

I was able to get FOUR arrangements from one bouquet!  I was even able to use the one rose head that was broken off the stem - it was a cute little addition to the bathroom sink.

I was still on my floral high when I purchased another clearance bouquet to decorate the registration and speaker table for a work sponsored conference.  I was able to break that bouquet into two arrangements.  When the conference ended I brought the flowers home and made two new arrangements that included whatever roses and alstromeria  were still alive from the previous weeks flowers.
This arrangement and a matching companion are adorning my mantel now and just feel oh so springy!  Some of these flowers have been here for about two weeks now and as they begin to die off I will condense them back down to one arrangement.

Fresh flowers feel like such a treat, so when you can get a nice bunch on clearance - go for it and buy them!

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  1. A little bird told me those lilies lasted two weeks!