Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bzz Report

     I love free things and occasionally I get them.  A few years ago my sister brought me into the world of Extreme Couponing where we would get grocery hauls like this for around $30.

The couponing world opened meup to a whole world of online groups, surveys and programs designed to get free stuff or earn money.  While pretty much all of that has come and gone for me, one site remained.  Bzzagent.
BzzAgent is an awesome, professional and legitimate site where you can get products for free in return for your opinions and interactions with others. AND IT IS EASY.

    1. Sign Up.

    2. Take some surveys.  I know not everyone likes to divulge too much info about themselves on the internet or to marketing companies but really I don’t have a problem with it.  I don’t really care who knows what brands of cat food i’ve purchased in the last six months or that I wear eyeshadow and mascara every day but foundation only 1-2 times a week. (Those are pretty much what the survey questions are like.)

    3. Wait for a campaign invite.  You can’t just sign up and get anything you want.  They will invite you to different campaigns depending on what your survey answers are.

    4. Join campaign and wait for your BzzKit.  This is the HARDEST part simply because you are waiting for your awesome free products.  I’m in this stage right now - you’ll see what my BzzKit contains as soon as I get it!

   5. Bust open the BzzKit and start Bzzing.  This is where you use the product your self and discuss/share it with friends/Twitter/Facebook/your blog. Often BzzKit’s will contain coupons to make it fun and easy to share with others.

   6. Report Bzz. This is where you give feed back on the product and talk about your social interacions and what other people thought about the product.  

Easy as pie.  NO, easy as free pie. (Which may or may not be coming in my next BzzKit) Probably not Gluten Free though :(

Since I’ve been a member I’ve received 5  lip products, eyeshadow and mascara, countless cleaning products (How do they know I'm messy?), a scented candle, a free dinner at Boston Market and I’ll be getting more soon.  So yeah, I’m not loaded down in free gear -but it’s just kind of a fun little hobby that has a few benefits.

Like reading about free stuff? Check out Jamie's swag here.


  1. Oooo, fun tip! I like that it doesn't seem overwhelming like extreme-couponing in general does to me. My cousin pointed me to a survey site a few years ago where you earned points to redeem prizes/giftcards but it seemed like it took forever to get enough points to get anything so I just lost interest. I don't mind personal habit questions but I don't like when they ask income questions - is that part of this one?

  2. They survey's are usually pretty short and focus on one area or habit so occasionally they will have one that will ask about your job or income or something similar but then you just don't have to take that survey. You only do the ones you want!

  3. Also, I just got my latest BzzKit in the mail and it did include free pie. And beef. And chips.

  4. Sounds like we are having beef pie and chips at the blarty?

  5. Oh yeah, in that swag pic on my blog you can totally see that face brushing thing we were talking about at the gym!

  6. Several of you have mentioned to me that you are interested in becomeing BzzAgents. DO IT! I'm sending out invites (not that you really need an invite to join) to everyone who expresses interest.

    There is no reason not to join - it's free. If after a while you don't feel like doing it - then stop. I stopped for close to a year and then just started back up again recently. The payoffs are not super huge but who doesn't get super excited when a box of free goodies are coming in the mail!