Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Blarty's Here!

What's a Blarty you ask?  It's a party where friends get together and talk blog.  I was lucky enough to host the very first Blarty and Jamie of the ReallyReally Blog and Becca of Drowning in Love, Anchored to You joined me in my new (-ish) digs and blog it up.

We had delicious food, some of which was inspired by my recent BzzKit from You can see the free goodies in my BzzKit just to the left of the TV in the photo above.  Also in the photo above, please notice the latest in my Strings-of-Things collection.

We had pitchers of Amanda's Famous Mojitos (it's actually just Crystal Light Mojito flavor, but Amanda was the first to introduce it to us), iced tea, Moroccan burger bites with mint-pepper jelly (which you'll learn more about in an upcoming post), sweet watermelon, classic chips and dip and some hot spinach artichoke dip.  Then came dessert.

Dessert was a fabulous mixture of sweet and salty.  We first had mini dishes of Private Selection Dark Chocolate and Black Raspberry Ice Cream (I picked it up at Kroger using the coupon from and it was delish!  I would say that  Greater's Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream still wins the Black Raspberry Ice Cream contest, but when judged independently, the Private Selection ice cream was a really great sweet, fruity and chocolaty flavor that adds an amazing gourmet finish to any dinner (or maybe it's just dinner itself).   After we finished the ice cream we moved on to the pickle ice, formally known as Pickle Pops.  Pickle Pops are basically pureed pickles and juice that can be frozen for an awesome treat. According to the website they help athletes prevent muscle cramps. Hear this can't-come-to-the-Blarty-because-I-have-a-race-in-the-morning-Michele?
All in all, I think only one official blog post was created during the actual Blarty (Go Jamie!) but we spent a lot of time discussing stats, posting frequency and other blog stuff .  It was a success and soon we will have ... Blarty 2.0!

*I'm a BzzAgent participating in a word-of-mouth campaign and gave me the free samples and the coupons for the Private Selection Items talked about in my post.  Wanna know more about BzzAgent? Check here.


  1. Woohoo! I thought Blarty v1 was awesome! Thanks for hosting and providing such adorably presented food!

  2. Blarty V1 was fun! Even though my attempt at blogging stinks. Time with my favorite ladies is always wonderful.