Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blarty Bites: Moroccan Burgers with Mini-Flag Tutorial

Last Friday at the inaugural Blarty I whipped up a batch of Moroccan Burgers with Mint-Pepper Glaze.  The recipe was included (along with a coupon for free Private Selection Angus Ground Beef) in my latest BzzKit from *.

I was feeling pretty excited at the thought of making burgers since I can't actually remember the last time (if ever) that I made hamburger patties from scratch.  I know for a fact I have not made them in the last 8 years - so the thought of digging my hands in to a well spiced bowl of beef sounded kinda fun.

After a trip to Kroger to pick up my (FREE from BzzAgent!) beef and the few spices and ingredients I didn't already have, I arranged it all on the kitchen table for it's mini photo shoot.

Ohhh! Ahhhh! Spices!

Once the beef and spices were mixed into one delicious smelling mass I shaped them into patties and placed them in between sheets of wax paper and then put them all in a freezer bag.  I only put them in the fridge initially since I would be cooking them up in a few hours but I knew I wouldn't be making them all so this way it would be ready to pop in the freezer for future use.

Then came the making of the Mint-Pepper glaze.  It seemed easy - only about 4 ingredients.  The apricot jelly and red pepper flakes went right together.  Easy.  Then even the mint went well. Just wash and chop.  The I realized that the lemon portion of the recipe not only called for lemon juice but lemon zest.  This is when I realized that I don't have a zester**.  So I busted out my sharpest knife and carefully shaved the zest from my lemon and then chopped it.  During this process I somehow took a shot of juice to the eye and so half of the lemon was zested partially blind.  Once that process was complete it was happily time for the lemon juice.  So I halved the zested lemon and gave it a SQUEEZE! Yeah!  Lemon juice everywhere.  It turns out that a shaved lemon squeezes easier than one with a whole skin and so the force of my squeeze was just a little too much.  No worries the remaining juice was still enough to fulfill the recipe.

Once party time came I cooked them up in a skillet.  Unfortunately, the one fault of my apartment is the lack of any kind of outdoor space whatsoever - so that means no grill.  Once the burgers were cooked I layered on a slice of Havarti cheese and quartered them.  For the presentation I served the quarters in 2 oz. souffle cups with the mint-pepper glaze on the side (as I realize that mint-pepper glaze on a burger is not everyone's "thing").  As a bonus some of the quarters got mini decorative flags just for some extra super fun!  (Who says gluten free can't be fun?)  Everyone at the Blarty enjoyed the burger bites and I asked for the group opinion of the free BzzAgent Private Selection beef from Kroger.  It was agreed that it was good and beefy but as Jamie said "It's not like I'm going to run out and ask for your beef supplier".  Delicious and differently exotic flavor to the bites though!


Here is another shot from a few days later when I cooked some up for dinner. Ohhh! With avocado too!

Looks just like the picture, right?

Wanna make these?
Recipe Link here.

Bonus: Mini Flag Tutorial 

1. Cut triangles from paper.  Use glue on the thick end and wrap around toothpick.
 2. Weave paper under and over alternate fingers.

 3. Proudly present flag.

 *I'm a BzzAgent participating in a word-of-mouth campaign and gave me the free samples and the coupons for the Private Selection Items talked about in my post.  Wanna know more about BzzAgent? Check here.

** If you are worried about my lack of zester -don't be.  I bought one on my next trip to the store.

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  1. Amanda will confirm that I pretty much love all food that is prepared for me. Food with flags is even better.

  2. Jamie, I'm glad you liked the food and that you were able to read this post even with all of the food pictures!

  3. I'll admit it wasn't easy but I stayed the course.