Monday, May 7, 2012

The Best of the Blogs

...among those that I read at least.  Remember in this post when I mentioned that I read a lot of blogs that make me want to do all sorts of fun things just like they are doing?  Well here is a list of some of my favorite blogs that, well, make me want to do things!

Young House Love
Of course I have to start here.  This DIY/Young family blog is just so sweet, honest and cheery - while still being very stylish and informative was the first blog that I read regularly.  I love it so much that when talking about it in conversation with friends who are avid readers the blog writers, John & Sherry, are referred to by name.  We have even had other friends ask who these "John" and "Sherry" people were that they didn't know.

I have already mentioned some of my favorite nail polish blogs in a previous post, but hey, I don't think they can be mentioned too many times.
The Polished Perfectionist 
Wow!  You won't believe that these nails are real!  She also has a great polish application and clean up tutorial in her How-To section.

More Good Reads...

I also have a great addiction to style blogs - many of them focus on clothing style but they often have beauty and lifestyle elements as well.  (Sometime in the future I'll make a fun post about how I started to mimic some of these blogs.)  This one was hard to pick a top blog - I have two favorites!

Keiko Lynn
I love Keiko Lynn for her edgy outfits and of course I couldn't ignore her amazing hair, skin and makeup.
What I Wore 2Day
This is my other favorite. Kasmira, the blog author, puts together really fun and colorful outfits everyday.  I also love that she is local (Cincinnati!) and that a lot of her clothes are thrifted.

More Good Reads...
Delightfully Tacky
Mr. Kate
Merrick's Art
A Beautiful Mess
Girl With Curves

I don't read a ton of food blogs - these two are really all I need.

Just take a look and you'll see why I love this.  Sweet and pretty.  The first recipe I ever made from this sight was for Congo Bars!  They were delish!
The Gluten-Free Baker
I love reading about tasty and healthy GF foods. This is were I got the idea to start adding spinach to my morning smoothies.  Oh, and it doesn't hurt that I used to drive her to high school!

Then of course there are the home/life and design blogs.  I already mentioned Young House Love but I also enjoy:
How About Orange
Design Blagh
Color Issue

And of course, I have two randoms that don't seem to fit into any of the other categories.

The Dieline
This is an incredibly interesting blog about...package design?
This blog, although never updated anymore, is close to my heart.  This is the blog of my ex-land lady who is just super awesome.  She was the main reason I moved into my last apartment. If nothing else, when you finish her blog there is a link to her Flickr  account on the side I suggest you check out.

Have fun checking these out and be sure to leave a comment and tell me if you love or heartily dislike any of these blogs.



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