Friday, May 18, 2012

All Aboard the Sideboard

Here we are again - another old post. This post was first written and saved to a draft on December 4, 2011. Please enjoy this journey back to my  old apartment!

 I am always in need of more storage space so I'm upgrading the kitchen.  I got rid of the old 4-6 person table that I had borrowed from my sister and replaced it with a super compact Muddus 2 person table from IKEA.  That has left me a little extra room for a Svalbo sideboard that I can load up with lots of crafty goodies.

First, I measured out the space.  I needed to make sure my box of liquor would fit.


I assembled the table and even hung some awesome art, created by my niece, above it in a Ribba frame.

This is the most updated picture of the sideboard (sorry for the darkness).  You can see it all loaded with liquor and craft supplies.  Love it!


  1. So why didn't this get posted on Dec 4th again???

  2. I love your old apartment.
    I love your new one too.