Friday, May 11, 2012

About Thanksgiving

This is not an official Blog From the Past (BFTP) but it may as well be!  This post should be dated in November of 2011 but instead you get it now.

...I'd like to add some new food to our family traditions.

So it's not yet a traditional Thanksgiving dinner food in my family, but I'd like to think it may become one. Greens.

NOTE:  These were Kale greens and while most folks were good sports and tried them - I don't really know that anyone LOVED them.  Including me.  Later I used the same recipe with the onions and red pepper and such but with collards.  I ended up throwing them away. Even the "hurry up and shove it in before you eat anything else on your plate because you are an adult and should just eat it" method didn't work.
NOTE 2: I synthesized this Thanksgiving recipe from the different recipes of two women I work with.

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