Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Learned It By Watching You

Since Jamie turned me on to blogs with Young House Love (YHL) about 2 years ago I have been  going through blog theme phases.  After becoming addicted to YHL I bookmarked a whole list of DIY/home improvement blogs.  As of now most, really almost all, of those, except for YHL of course, are off of my regular reading list.  I had moved to a period where I was reading a lot of food blogs , but now except for Bakerella and the new Gluten Free Baker, many of those are gone too.  Then came the fashion blogs, a good few of which are still on my daily list but now they have morphed into make-up and most recently nail polish blogs. 

When I get caught up in a blog genre I tend to want to mimic it.  So here it is my first nail blog mimicking post.

After reading amazing nail blogs like:

I couldn't wait to try out their great application and clean up methods - so I got my polish on. Note:  my latest interest in nails actually started when my friend Ashley (an ex-salon nail girl!) was awesome enough to do my nails for me!

So here is my first photographed polish job:
Glitter manicure using China Glaze For Audry and Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie.

I wanted something springy, even though it's cold outside so I went with China Glaze For Audry topped with Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie  .  Yes Jamie, it is from the Kardashian Kolor collection.

So you can see I have a long way to go on my cuticle care and nail growth and ,unfortunately, some things, like my short nail beds, will never change.  But hey, it's a start.


  1. Ok, Here's my best blog comment mimicry!

    Look at those little beauties! And all to the tune of whatever the Kardashian Kollection costs! Next time maybe a happy yellow or ORB? Swoon.