Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As in, Goddess of the Day.

Today is Kali.

Kali is known as a Goddess of Destruction, time and transformation, and by some, even death.  She is called "The Black Mother".  I know this seems a little dark but all it takes is a little understanding to turn it around.  Kali is not my G.O.T.D. because I need someone to be destroyed, that is not what she does (unless you are a demon) She is G.O.T.D. because she destroys only to recreate. She helps you destroy the old to allow for the new.  If you know the phrase, do what you've always done and you'll get what you've always gotten, then you understand a bit about Kali.  She does away with "what you've always done" to help make room for something new.  She is revered as a fearsome but loving mother. Kali is the goddess of enlightenment or liberation.

Due to the success of the vision board project, which really started for me after I unknowingly hung it in the synchronicity and miracles section of my home's so called "magical floor plan".  (From the book Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst), this time I made sure to hang this image in the career and life path section of the floor plan with hopes for similar success.

Also, on a side note, I could take a lesson from her,  she didn't put up with shit.  In one story she was called into battle against a demon and it is said that she showed up with a sword in one hand and a noose in the other and laid some whoop ass.  Now since I'm not battling any demons I certainly don't need anything so dramatic (in fact, I'm pretty klutzy so I'd probably end up cutting myself with the sword) but hey it's always nice to have a role model who doesn't take shit from anyone.  Also, bonus for Mark, some say that she is a whirlwind of destruction who can only be tamed by her lover.


  1. Yikes. Where did she get that spare head she's carrying?

  2. Whoah! just noticed the necklace of heads! I bet she found that on pinterest!