Sunday, March 25, 2012

A new man in the... well,every where!

Since I know you all follow my blog soooo closely you know that I have been absent for a while.  Well I'm here to tell you why.  All of the new men in my life, Mark, Bill,Willy, Leroy, Karl and of course the twins - have been keeping me very busy!

1. Mark
Isn't he adorable? Mark and I started dating back in January after meeting through a "friend" at a hockey game back in January.  Mark officially asked me to marry him the day before our first date when I quoted Jurassic Park in a text message.
Mark and I started spending lots of time cooking, going to the park, and all kinds of other tomfoolery.
It was the wonderful times with Mark that led me to Bill.

2. Bill
Bill is my new landlord - or actually, OUR new landlord.  I realize that usually there are a few more posts between "we just met" and "we are moving in together", but hey, we like to keep things exciting.  I am still in the same amazing neighborhood that I have been in for the last year and a half but now I'm in a much, much bigger place (No worries if you loved my last place - my brother is living there now so I can still visit!).  Check out all of the space here!

Once Bill officially rented us the place, Mark didn't waste any time before bringing his boys, Willie and Leroy, around.

3. Willy and Leroy
Willy and Leroy are Mark's cats.  He had been living in a place that already had cats for the last few months and was thrilled to be finally be reunited with his cats that a friend had been watching.  Leroy is a total dick, but in a loveable way.  He is also kind of a perv in that he touches my boobs a lot - but like I said, totally loveable.  He is the kind of cat that wants to be SUPER NEAR you always.  He always likes to have a least a paw on you.  Did I mention that he also attempts to rescue you from the shower?  So yeah, he is awesome.  Now Willy, formally One Eyed Willy, even more formally One Eyed William, is a super sweet cat.   He never gets in trouble, has only one eye and makes lots of hairballs.  He is very sweet and has more of a squeek than a meow.
Willy(left) and Leroy(right)

Now that Mark, Willy, Leroy and I were all moved into Bill's place.  We realized that we needed Karl in our lives, and soon.

4. Karl
Karl, short for Karlstad, is our new couch. Specifically, the Karlstad 2+3/3+2 plus chaise in Korndal Dark Gray. It was one of the couches on display in one of the IKEA showrooms.  We decided we wanted the exact couch, the exact HUGE couch, and after a few days of thinking on it we bought him.  Karl was delivered the next day and we started assembling him, Karl created so much garbage from the intense amount of packaging that I don't know if he could truly be assembled in one of those tiny apartments that the folks at IKEA show. 
What you don't see is that this pile o'cardboard to the ceiling extends and fills about 1/3 to 1/2 of the room behind it. Also note that Leroy loves to creepily lick all of that plastic.

 We tried to be good and only open one box at a time to keep pieces and such straight but in order to assemble it you really have to open all of the boxes at once and the we just had a free-for-all of Karl parts all over the place!

Mark caressing all of Karl's pads and pillows.
About midway through assembly, I realized that we had never actually measured the length of the wall Karl would sit against to make sure he would fit between the doors.  CRAP. After all of the home improvement blogs I read you would have thought I would have known better than to buy a HUGE couch without measuring to see if it would fit.  

After an afternoon with Karl we were ready to spend the night with the twins.

5. The Twins
The Twins, aka Castor and Pollux, aka Gemini, aka our new mattress was delivered the same day as Karl (Does this make them twins, or should I say triplets?  Or just siblings with the same birthday?). We were ecstatic to have a bed after about two weeks of sleeping on the floor. While I was working Mark got the twins all set up on their frame and ready for a good night's sleep.  I don't know what they were being fed because even after Mark mentioned that he liked low beds that you can literally fall into, Gemini ended up coming up all the way to my hips!  I love sleeping in our new bed it's like the twins are in there gently snuggling you all night!

So that is what I've been up to lately - men! 



  1. Wait. What? Are you guys fighting or something??? How else would you have possibly found time to blog?????????

  2. Jamie,
    I will have you know that I got out of bed at 5:30 am on Sunday when Mark left to go to work just to make sure this was done!

  3. It is insane how much your life has changed since New Years. I expect nothing less from you. One of these days when you can drag yourself away from most of your men I would love to hang out and meet Mark. Can we give him a nickname or something?

    1. I do think a nickname would be good. How about Marky Mark and his cats can be the funky bunch. That should make things less confusing.