Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

I was doing a little New Year’s cleaning and came upon an old stack of magazines under my bed (and found even more at my parent’s house!) that were just taking up space.  I thought to myself “These little beauties are just screaming out for a project.”  And then it began.  I put plans into motion to bring about the 2012 Girl’s Night Visioning Session.  My Visioning Session was a gathering where guests could purge their old piles of magazines and create something beautiful.  A “vision board” is basically a collage of pictures and words of things you want for you future – for us it was for 2012. Guests (including Jamie, Amanda, Becca, Alaine and Heelena) all arrived pretty promptly around 6:30 and got right to work.

  In the hours that followed, scissors and razor blades were flying, pages were being torn and we were trying to influence other’s boards with suggestive words and pictures.  The evening continued to be a flurry of magazines and glue sticks until Alaine entered the room and said “Umm guys, it’s like 2:15”.                  Things got real.

We were all shocked that so much time had passed. We had worked to the tune of ALMOST 8 HOURS!!!   With that the glue sticks went a flying and boards were created.

Jamie’s was very organized – almost grid like.

Alaine’s was mostly pictures.

Becca’s was mostly words.

Heleena’s had a starting place.

Amanda was the only one went outside of the box and assembled her’s vertically.

And mine you can see below.

No worries if you missed the party – my parents have given me full permission to use their house as a party space any time!  w00t!

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